Anthropologie Bonheur Necklace Tutorial


A few months ago (okay, six), I posted a photo of an Anthropologie-inspired necklace I made on a whim. I had a few requests for a tutorial, and I know it took me FOREVER… but here it is!

anthropologie_bonheur_pearl_flower_necklace_diy_tutorial_inspirationanthropologie_bonheur_pearl_flower_necklace_diy_tutorial_Step 1anthropologie_bonheur_pearl_flower_necklace_diy_tutorial_Step 2anthropologie_bonheur_pearl_flower_necklace_diy_tutorial_Step 3anthropologie_bonheur_pearl_flower_necklace_diy_tutorial_Step 4anthropologie_bonheur_pearl_flower_necklace_diy_tutorial_Step 5anthropologie_bonheur_pearl_flower_necklace_diy_tutorial_Step 6anthropologie_bonheur_pearl_flower_necklace_diy_tutorial_Step 7anthropologie_bonheur_pearl_flower_necklace_diy_tutorial_Step 8anthropologie_bonheur_pearl_flower_necklace_diy_tutorial_Step 9anthropologie_bonheur_pearl_flower_necklace_diy_tutorial_Step 10anthropologie_bonheur_pearl_flower_necklace_diy_tutorial_Final

A few things to note:

  • I strung the pearls on one 64″ strand of jewelry wire, folded in half. You can use two completely separate strands of pearls if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of figuring out the jewelry clasp and all that.
  • If you aren’t familiar with using a lighter to seal the edges of fabric, be extremely careful. You don’t actually have to touch the flame to the fabric to singe it and make it curl up, and you can easily catch the entire thing on fire.
  • Also, for the love of all that is holy, pin back your bangs. Hairspray + Flame = Bad Times. I’m speaking from experience.


If you liked this, you may want to check out my other Anthropologie-Inspired Floral Necklace Tutorial.

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  1. looks just like the one from Anthropologie! Thanks for the tutorial!!

  2. omg. want.
    oh my word, do i have time to do this? sigh. sigh!

  3. oh cool with pics and everything, cute necklace.

  4. great necklace and great diy tutorial! i will have to try this one as well. i want to make one in black!

  5. anh: Thank you! That’s my next project, as a matter of fact. :)

  6. Oh I just love this!! I definitely want to give it a try!! :)

  7. Awesome DIY! I love that you are so crafty. ;)

  8. I’m impressed. It turned out beautifully. What would you say the cost of your version was compared to the Anthropologie one?

  9. Melissa: Let me know if you do and how it turns out!

    That is All: Thank you, my dear!

    Andrea: Thanks so much! I had all the materials already, but I’d say it comes out to around $10, and the original costs somewhere around $60, I believe.

  10. You can send that my way, ktnx.

    I need to get off my lazy butt and do something like this!

  11. Love it! If you ever decide to put one in your Etsy shop, I wantz it!

  12. So pretty! I love it! and that font in the pictures is one of my favorites!

  13. i’m going to make this too. for my wedding. it should be a hot mess… since i lack all skills required to use a hot glue gun. i’m probably going to set my hair on fire.

    stay tuned.

  14. You are so talented! I am definitely going to give this a try!

  15. your amazingness never ceases to leave me amazed.
    or you know what I’m trying to say, YOU’RE RIDICULOUS!!!
    This turned out so freaking awesome, I love the step by step photos you took and the font you used is so pretty/cute! And I love the color (duh) annnnnnd I want those little lily/lotus bowls that the beads are sitting in, GIMME.
    Also? Your emo pose in the last picture? loves it. I’m not gonna lie, you made me giggle but then I shut the heck up as soon as I saw that gorgeous finished masterpiece hanging around your neck.
    I bow down.

  16. WOW! This is beautiful!!

  17. Wow! That is just lovely. I think I might follow your tutorial, because that’s awesome.

  18. MOrgan you rock, cant wait to try this one myself!

  19. Oh wow! Thats awesome!

  20. This is fantastic, Morgan. I love it!

  21. love this! I now have a diy project for the weekend :)

  22. I love it! I think I’ll give it a shot. (with pinned back bangs!)

  23. AHHH!! I love this! You are soooo crafty! :)

  24. it’s beautiful and lovely and perfect!! you did an amazing job, and this tutorial is FANTASTIC. you make it look sooooo easy. :)

  25. I shared this with all my girlfriends on google reader and they loved it. Hopefully one of them will make it for me :)

  26. Madigan said I should have one. I guess I better go buy the materials and make a couple for me and my girls.

    yOu RoCk!!

  27. Anyone who does a diy on Anthro is AWESOME!!! I’m so making this necklace and checking back for more! Thanks!!

  28. Holy crap you’re amazing! Screw Martha Stewart this rocks! Thank you for saving me money and forcing me to think creatively!! ox

  29. Wow! That is really beautiful, you make it look so easy, so here’s hoping (fingers crossed) can’t wait to try this!

  30. I LOVE this, and I bet it took a lot more to come up with this than the ease of your tutorial. Though I was originally here to check these out, I love your blog! I imagine people tell you this everyday, but you really are a superb crafter, with a good sense of humor too! That combination is rare, somehow. Ok, the novel ends here!

  31. Wow, that is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I have a new weekly link up carnival you might be interested in called Make it, Wear it. Stop on by and check it out!

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  33. Fantastic!!

  34. I LoVe Anthropologie and I LoVe this necklace/tutorial! I’ve sworn to challenge myself to create a ribbon necklace one of these days but I think I’ll make this first!

  35. I am also an Anthropologie fan. Just an awesome tutorial!! Thanks for sharing. I will link in an upcoming blog post.

  36. I’m new to your blog and am a fellow crafter of cuteness. Very impressed with this necklace. I try and recreate cardigans from Anthro, but I’ve never tried a necklace. Made it last night (thanks to your tutorial). Plan on wearing it this weekend with a simple black top and black pants so it really stands out. Thanks for the great idea!

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  38. Wow, I love anything Anthropologie inspired, and this is BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    I’ve added you to my DIY roundup for today, and you can grab an “I’ve been featured” badge if you’d like.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  39. […] Two are from blogger Mrs. Priss. The first tutorial I found of her’s was inspired by the Bonheur Necklace, which by the way is no longer available (aka you just have to make one yourself). It is available right here. […]

  40. wow! I AM IN LOVE with this idea!! I cant wait to try and make one of own… I’ll definitely be sending over pictures when i do. Its absoulutely beautiful!

  41. I love this necklace! I actually just made it while my dinner was cooking in the oven! So simple! I love it. I posted pictures on my blog :-) Thanks for the tutorial!

  42. […] Priss. Morgan has tons of diy’s. The one I fell absolutely in love with was her adaptation of Anthropolgies Bonheur Necklace. So today I practically ran to the thrift shop to find materials to make my version of this […]

  43. Love the necklace. You are so talented. What type of material did you use?

  44. Denise: Thank you! I used organza for this necklace. I’ve found that lightweight fabrics are much easier to work with and the edges singe the best. Good luck!

  45. I Love your stuff!! But I wish that you had more variety than just things made with those flower things. I would love to see more innovation!


  46. Thanks Ashley. I know, I’m not very original lately.

  47. merci beaucoup pour tes indicationsje vais vite le faire et j espere aussi bien que toi

  48. […] I’d never tried burning fabric before, so I was a little wary and kept a glass of ice water handy just in case things got out of hand. But, it went really smoothly – I was surprised by how realistic the petals look when you burn them! (MrsPriss also has a fabric burning tutorial here.) […]

  49. […] Mrs. Priss geeft een duidelijke tutorial om exact het origineel na te maken. Hieronder links de ketting van Anthropologie, rechts het resultaat van de tutorial van Tatertots & Jello: […]

  50. Awesome tutorial! Thanks for being so clear. Turned out great. Do you think there is a way to put the flower on a pin or clip so you could pin or clip it on the necklace but take it off if you wanted to?

  51. These are beautiful!! You give such great instructions and beautiful ideas! Thank you so much for sharing this with me!! Jenna

  52. Hello Mrs. Priss!

    I love this idea and I love the idea of doing the flowers for headbands, hair clips too. I am actually trying to make the necklace now using dupioni sp? silk and I can’t get the fabric to “curl right” Any additional tips?!?! I know I’m a bit late responding but I just found your awesome blog!

  53. Krista,

    Thanks for the comment! Something I forgot to mention in this post was that synthetic fabric works best. That’s probably why the edges of the silk aren’t curling up correctly. I’m sorry about that! Good luck!

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  55. this is awesome,cute,cute,cute…..hmmmmmmmmmm

  56. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wow, I love this!

  57. Hi! I’m a newbie to jewelry making and want to give this one a try. It’s so cute!
    Questions for ya. What type of wire do you use to string the pearls? There are about a million types in the craft store and I get really overwhelmed.
    Also, how do you secure the other part of the clasp to the wire? I see how you just strung the wire through the lobster clasp, but do you just tie the wire together at the end when you’re done stringing the pearls and use some kind of jump ring on the end to hook up with the lobster clasp?
    Thanks, sorry my questions are so lame! I’m just learning all this. :)

  58. Nevermind, I figured it out and finished it up. Looks so cute!

  59. I used your tutorial to make one of these myself. Thank you for posting, it was very easy to follow. I also blogged about it and linked back to this thread. Have a good day!

  60. My sister saw this necklace and asked me to make it for her to wear at her wedding. I made it shorter to fall right on her neckline. It turned out beautifully and she got so many compliments. We went with 2 flowers that were smaller. We both thank you for the awesome tutorial!

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  64. I made this today!! It was so easy and it looks amazing! thank you for the tutorial I L.O.V.E it!!!

  65. It’s unbelievable how easy it is to make such lovely necklace, I love the very detailed tutorial you have here, I think I’ll try to make one of this, and hopefully it will turn out great like you did.

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  70. I have never been crafty, so I thought I was taking a big risk attempting this necklace. “Well, here goes that long strand of costume pearls, I guess I didn’t wear them much anyway…” That was basically my assumption when I started this project, but it was easier than I expected and looks soooo cute, it really did turn out like the Anthropologie necklace it was inspired by!

  71. Made this today and it looks great! Switched it up by making the necklace just a little longer than collarbone length and made the flowers smaller and it turned out great! It looks classy enough for semi-formal occasions but it’s also fun with everyday clothes. Thank you SO much for the walk-through!


    I used a tea candle to singe the edes (so much easier than a lighter!)

  72. I tried ‘singeing’ the organza..and it made it melt away more than anything. is there something I’m going wrong? Or is that ACTUALLY what the singeing is supposed to do?
    and also, for your ring, what type of fabric did you use?

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