Classic Felt Flowers – Tutorial


First of all, I have to give credit where credit is due. This amazing lady inspired me to try my hand at a different type of flower than usual, and I sort of switched it up a little to make it my own. Enjoy!

Now, I know I say this pretty much every time, but I LOVE THESE FLOWERS. I would jump into a big pile of them, roll around, toss them joyfully into the air and have them flutter down all around me, I adore them so much. (I’m weird, but that’s why you love me. Believe that.)


  • Felt
  • Glue (I used a hot glue gun because I apparently like the excruciating 5 second pain it causes my fingertips, but try whatever you have on hand)
  • Center: A cute button, vintage earring, cluster of beads… other ideas?
  • Backing: Alligator clip, pin back, headband, etc.
  • This is another versatile craft and you can pretty much glue it to anything. Use it as a gift topper, maybe? OMG CUTE.
  • Also, notice how I didn’t say ‘needle and thread’?? These little babies are no-sew!


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  1. I love this tutorial!! I should try and make one this summer after I go on a shopping spree to Michael’s.

  2. I did not see these in your boutique yesterday! They are fabulous!

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  4. Thank you! I haven't added them yet. :) And thank you so much for your order! That made my morning!

  5. Oh no Morgan…it made my morning ; ) Can't wait!

  6. OOh thank you for the tutorial! It actually looks simple enough that I wouldn’t get so frustrated and give up!

  7. very cute! you are crafty. the crafty-gene skipped me, i think. :)

  8. Bam! is right.

  9. great tutorial! Just love your blog! :)

  10. YES! Ps: where’d you get those adorable buttons?

  11. Very cute! I’ve been on a felt-flower-making kick lately…will have to add this one to my repertoire!!

  12. You girls are really sweet and encouraging… thank you so much!

    Rachel – I found them at Joann’s in the button aisle, and they come in a pack of 3. :)

  13. I love all of your tutorials! Thanks for sharing!

  14. love it! Gonna go try it!

  15. No sewing involved?? SCORE. They looked much harder to make that it appeared :) Sneaky, sneaky sir.

  16. THESE

    just adorable!!!!

    saving this!!!!!!!

  17. omgo(r)sh!!! this are so much easier than i thought they might be! the only thing that could make it easier is if you had a pdf of the petal shape for me to copy LOL!! i really love the center button you used, i think i want to try!

  18. Martha Stewart always has a bowl of cold water nearby whenever she uses a hot glue gun. She has mentioned this many times……..just in case hot glue get on her fingers, she dips her fingers immediately into the bowl of cold water. p.s. Love, love this DIY!!

  19. love it! what a great tutorial.


  20. I love this tutorial. I have tried it and it is sooooooo easy.

    and I also like the way you explain about the glue gun
    “Glue (I used a hot glue gun because I apparently like the excruciating 5 second pain it causes my fingertips, but try whatever you have on hand)”

    I also like the feel of it :))

  21. LOVE! Thank you.

  22. Your tutorials are succinct and oh sooo cuuuute! My 20-something daughters are going to flip over these!

  23. making some as I type! :)

  24. These are cute and seem easy enough… BUT where’s the tut for the awesome flower that Miss Madeline was wearing (head band?) in your previous post? Can’t wait to see that one. Thank you for sharing! Great blog.

  25. Really love the flower! It’s on my list now!!

  26. OMG!! these are so CUTE!!!

  27. These are just lovely! I will have to feature this on my Friday Finds post! Thanks for the tutorial!


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  29. I loved these! Check out my post on making my own:

  30. gorgeous! so simple!

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  32. Hey I have a quick question what was the small circle of felt for ?

  33. Hey I have a quick question what was the small circle of felt for ?

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  36. Where do you get those beautiful colors?!

  37. It looks so goregous! I’ll try to do this. But I’ll sew petals instead of using a glue :) It’s not so important, isn’t it?

  38. Love your tutorials! You make it look so easy, yet I know it takes time and a real gift to create these lovely items. Your color choices are wonderful!

  39. Just used this tutorial to make a fabulous headband. So fun, easy, and adorable. I put a cluster of glass beads and crystals in the center with a folded piece of tulle. Thanks for sharing!

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  41. Merci pour ce tuto. Je viens de le répertorier sur mon blog avec un lien direct vers le votre.

  42. I love these. I made them tonight and put a tutorial on my blog and linked back to you. What I really wanna know is, that necklace! Im druling over it. I love it. where did you get the stuff to make it? or can you sell me one?

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  44. Thanks Tiffany! I found that little pendant at Michael’s in the jewelry section, actually! It was so simple to make… I just put it on an old necklace chain and I was good to go. I gave it as a gift or I would definitely have sent it your way… sorry!

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  46. Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing it! :o)

  47. I seem to collect cute fabric floral tutes but I have yet to do one. Maybe I’m starting an internet collection. At least this one won’t take up any room.LOL

  48. Muchas gracias por el tutorial, aún no me he atrevido a hacer nada en fieltro, pero voy a empezar con esta flor. Muchas gracias!!

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  50. First tutorial I’ve seen on felt flowers that I will actually use! So elegant and pretty! Thanks a ton!

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  52. These are gorgeous. I made one myself using your tutorial and just posted it :) They were a lot of fun to make.

  53. where did you find such pretty colors of felt? I searched joann’s website and they just had the bright bold colors.

  54. @Lynn: I buy all the pretty felt from an Etsy shop called Giant Dwarf. It costs a little more than the regular craft store kind, but it’s SOOO much easier to work with. It’s totally worth the money!

  55. I just stumbled across your blog love it!!!!! You have inspired me I just started my first yarn wreath and love it!

  56. This is just so beautiful… The colors and the pattern make the flowers real classy.

  57. Wow love this! :c)

  58. I love your flowers! so pretty!

  59. These look absolutely beautiful, but I’m worried about using glue in place of a needle and thread. Will these hold up?

  60. Meredith, Thank you! They hold up just fine with hot glue! Feel free to hand sew them though. I usually do that when I have more time.

  61. Can’t wait to make these! So classy looking :o)

  62. Reading the first paragraph just makes me want to be your friend. :)

  63. Can not wait to make these

  64. Do you just freehand cut the scallops?
    I really want to try these.

  65. Diane: Yes, I just freehand everything. :) Same goes for the rolled flowers you asked about!

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  67. These are too cute, Perfect for napkin rings! Any chance you want to share a stencil for the petals (small and big)? Pretty please? I’m a horrible free-hand drawer but these are just so cute… and I even found the buttons.

  68. Jennifer, thank you so much for the sweet compliment! These would make adorable napkin rings! I’ll work on getting a template up… I know I’ve said that for over a year now, but I promise I will soon!

  69. i love these! thank you so much for sharing and the great tutorial! well done! they would look great on a wool coat or a hat. well no, not a hat. (can you tell me why we dont wear wonderful hats anymore?)

  70. I loved the tutorial! Very simple and I’m thinking about posting on my blog too. But hey, the small circle is for what? o.o

  71. I am all over this! I just got several pairs of earrings at a garage sale yesterday that will be perfect. One for me and one for that other lucky person!

  72. Nice!!! I will try it!!!

  73. tacky glue does not work :(

  74. I love these flowers! They are beautiful! I plan to make a few of these myself!

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