Tutorial – Sequins and Nuts Necklace


I’m nuts. You’re nuts. Let’s wear some nuts.

I think we’ve all seen some of the crazy/awesome hardware jewelry floating around Pinterest and such. This is actually pretty genius because I think we all have extra hardware accumulating in a junk drawer somewhere. Why not make something unique? WHY NOT, I SAY!?



  • Chain swiped from an old broken necklace
  • 2 packages of sequins from the craft store (.79 whole cents each)
  • Hex nuts, found in your local hardware store or junk drawer (I used 22)

Before I go any further, I feel I must point out one creepy detail…

Devilish smirking Baileys cup will haunt your dreams for all time. Onward!


I disassembled the old necklace and cut it to the desired length.

In keeping with the whole hardware theme I have going on, I used a washer as part of the clasp. I don’t know why, I just felt like it.

Now I know this was naughty, but I used several strands of black thread and a needle to string my nuts and sequins. I basically tied knots to the ends of each hanging chain, which is just dumb, but I didn’t have jewelry wire. Use that instead, mmk? I’m going to replace it the first chance I get. Or, you know, when it breaks.

As far as the beading pattern, I just did what felt well with my soul. I imagine if you used another color of sequins or silver nuts you can have a completely different look. I’m probably going to make a bracelet next.

As always, my favorite thing about this is that it was cheap. I love cheap crafts. This whole thing costed me about two bucks. Not bad!

I just said the word ‘nuts’ more times than any human being should in one blog post. Or in her lifetime.

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  1. This is so cute! I made a necklace using rope, embroidery thread, and washers earlier this summer. This might have to be made to continue my “Ace Hardware Jewelry”.

  2. Love your nuts!

  3. love this idea! very thrifty but turned out super cute :)

  4. You’re gonna love my nuts.

  5. You make the coolest stuff, Morgan!!! I need to follow more of your tutorials. That’s for sure.

  6. That’s alotta nuts! ;)

  7. YOU are nuts! ha ha.

  8. oh sweet Morgan! I adore you :) I have a hard enough time keeping up with every day whatnot and I don’t even have babies yet!!! Keep your chin up darling, cause I think you’re doing it all right. :)

  9. Great idea Morgan! After reading your tutorial, I starting eyeballing my old necklaces to see which ones I could take apart. Maybe I’ll have to go and “borrow” a couple of nuts and/or washers from hubby’s stash in garage. :-)

  10. this is so great!!! i have a ton of nuts from craft projects this summer.

    and i totally just giggled in my head at “ton of nuts”.

  11. I love the mix of industrial & glam – looks great!

  12. this is ADORABLE Morg. your posts freaking crack me up. thanks for the humor and adorable tutorial!

  13. ooh, love this!! love the length!

  14. Just found your blog. Love everything.

    But your creepy bailey’s cup? I used to eat soup out of it (obviously not YOURS) when I was sick. My mom called it the “Sick Cup.” As an adult, I think I know why… ;)

    Oh! And really cute necklace!

  15. I think your Baileys mug is becoming a bit of a celebrity :)