My experience with the Skinny Wraps. I’ll try not to annoy you.


Update: Hi friends! As of 9/13/13, I am taking a step back from my business. It was an awesome experience and I still stand by the products, it’s just not a part of my journey right now. If anyone has any questions about It Works products, I am happy to refer you to a few of my sweet and trusted friends in the business. They will help you out in any way you need. xo

Alright, my friends. The time has come. I have been a busy little bee over here, but have kept it pretty quiet on this blog. Anyone notice my fancy little badge on the right side of this page? Some of you know about my new business and have already joined in the awesomeness through my Facebook group. For the rest of you, get ready. I’m about to get ALL up in yo face.


For the past three months, I’ve been an It Works Global Distributor… a fancy name for “one of those girls on Facebook selling those crazy wrap things”. I know that if you spend any time on Facebook whatsoever, you will have noticed a slew of your friends and family joining the ranks and selling these amazing products. You can’t really avoid it… we are everywhere and doing our best to annoy the crap out of everyone with our before/after photos! Kidding, but I do know we are taking over the internet right now. It’s just because we’re so dang excited about sharing a product that actually does what it promises. The business is growing and there is such a HUGE financial opportunity for each one of us, not to mention the fact that THESE THINGS ACTUALLY WORK.

My Experience…

So let’s back up to December. A good friend of mine invited me to her house for a “wrap party”. She claimed that in 45 minutes of wearing this magical wrap, I would see and feel a major difference in my stomach. If you would have told me that the wrap I was about to wear was going to change my body, so much so that I would start selling the things, I would have laughed right in your face and went on my merry way. I am not a salesperson… you guys know me. It’s just not in my blood. And to be totally honest, I didn’t expect the wrap to work on me at all, let alone have the results last. I was already eating pretty well and exercising regularly… I thought that if there was any change in my body, it would’ve already happened from those things.

I went for it though… at that party, I let the girl put this cloth on my belly, wrap me in saran wrap and I waited for 45 minutes. When the wrap came off and she measured me again, I couldn’t argue. I was smaller and saw definition. It really lived up to the hype.

That friend who hosted the party that night? The wrap worked on her too and she became a Distributor. A month later, I joined her team. She is now making a nice couple EXTRA thousand dollars each month, in addition to her full time job and just earned a $10,000 bonus for getting there so quickly. Uhhh, YEAH. That’s not even the best part… BODIES BE CHANGIN’,YO.

Here are my personal results from using just ONE wrap on my stomach…


(total time elapsed: three weeks)

Between the first and the third photo, I became a Distributor. I couldn’t wait to start showing my friends and family how awesome these wraps are and how they truly do work. By the way, during that time, I didn’t exercise or change my eating habits at all. I wanted to give it a true shot, you know? I wasn’t about to start selling something I didn’t truly believe in. That’s not who I am.

Hey, fellow skeptics! Here’s what you want to see…

The most common question I get is: Is it just water weight? 

No! The wraps are detoxifying and you see progressive results over the following 72 hours. Those toxins that have been building up in your body over time (through drinking alcohol, taking medication, caffeine, artificial sweeteners) begin to flush out as you drink water (and drink and drink and drink). As your body begins ridding itself of the crap, your fat cells shrink down (those toxins aren’t in there anymore!), causing your tummy (or thighs, or butt, or arms…) to smooth out, flatten, tighten and tone up. It’s not a hoax, I promise you. My stomach looks the same now as it did in January when I took that third photo.

If my little Cliff’s Notes explanation isn’t enough for you, check out this video: The Science Behind the Wraps.

Want to know more?

For the sake of keeping this as short and sweet as possible, I’m going to wrap this up. (HA, I GOT PUNZ.) I have a huge collection of before and afters, testimonials from people I know personally, and SO much more of my personal story to tell. If you’re interested in knowing more about trying a wrap, how to get a box of 4 wraps for only $59, or are interested in info on becoming a Distributor like me, let me know in the comments. I won’t be doing another post like this except to show my next round of personal before and after photos, so this is your chance to ask away! :)

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  1. Ok, not sure I want to be distributor, but I would love to try them! Maybe I will change my mind about distributing after I see the results! :)

  2. Holy crap! Do they ship to Norway?

  3. Hmm, I am still a bit skeptical … and probably will be until I try them myself and see if they work. I’d love to try them – we’re going to Florida soon and it can’t hurt!

  4. Hi! So how do i order the 4 pack for 59?? This is exciting! thanks for sharing your before and after pics!

  5. How often do you have to do these wraps?

  6. I would love to try these I have heard from so many people the results are excellent. How do I get some ?

  7. Hi girls! Shortly, I’ll message each of you girls privately! Thanks for your interest!

    Nicole, the results from one wrap can last from 2 -6 months. It all depends on how strictly you keep to the “no toxin” regimen after that detox period. A lot of people find that wrapping is a good jump start for a healthier lifestyle and continue drinking water and avoiding the alcohol/artificial sweeteners. They will obviously be the ones that have the 6 month result. :)

    The important thing to realize is that, though the wraps do work on people who don’t change any eating/exercise habits, they aren’t a replacement for diet and exercise. Most people see how great their first wrap worked and don’t want to waste their money or go right back to how they looked before, so they just keep on with their new good habits. I hope that makes sense!

  8. This looks amazing!!! I recently had my 2nd baby…they’re only 15 months apart! My stomach is not bouncing back as easily as after my first child. Maybe this will help?

  9. Becky: DEFINITELY. It helps SO much with loose skin. I’ll message you more info. :)

  10. I would love to try these! How do you receive a 4 pack for $59?

  11. Can you send pricing info? Like how much is one wrap cause I’m not sure I wanna commit to the 3 month purchase thing til I try one first.

  12. Wow that’s pretty awesome!

    I think like Becky above I’d love to try maybe one and see how that goes. Is there way to purchase them as singles?

  13. hi morgan! pls email me the deets!!! thankies!

  14. Hanna, I’m doing some research for you. I’ll email you when I find out! xo

  15. Ok!! I am on board for the wraps! just found your blog and I love it by the way!!! Please let me know how to order some.

  16. I had baby #2 August 2012 and things are not coming back together! I have a wedding in two weeks. Seeing family again and dreading dress shopping. I’d like to try it, not sign up for the 3 month trial like others said above. What are the ingredients in the wrap? How often do I use them? I love your blog. I don’t comment much but I saw this and mama is desperate for some weightloss. Thx!

  17. I’d love more info too! I had twins 7 months ago and I’m having a hard time losing the rest of my baby weight. I would love a jump start!

  18. How have you had 2 kids? I’ve only had one and my stomach looks like a zebra crossed with a pug! And they’re both carrying excess weight!

  19. Ok, I’m gonna bite. My stomach after kiddo left me with stretched out skin that won’t go all the way back to what it was. How do I get the 4 for $59?

  20. Just sent an email to each one of you ladies. Check your spam folder, just in case! Thanks for your interest! xoxo

  21. I’d like more information too! after 2 c sections I need help!

  22. You definitely caught my attention. How can I try it for $59??

  23. Hi Morgan, you look fantastic in your pictures! I’m interested in knowing more about the product and the 4 wraps. Can’t wait to detoxify my bod :)

  24. I want the 4 pack! Email me details please :)

  25. Also interested here…would love the details!

  26. How do I get the 4 pack for $59?!

  27. I am totally interested! Can you email me information!!!

  28. Wow! those are some incredible results. I’m interested in more information on the $59 offer. My sister’s wedding is coming up and I have not been able to bounce back since having baby. Please contact me with the details.

  29. Cant decide if I want to start with 1 wrap or the 4 pack. Had my first baby a month ago…everything is back to the way it was except this loose saggy skin. Perhaps this is what I needed :) message me with more info! Thanks

  30. Please email me! I have changed my eating habits but can’t seem to shake the last bit of belly junk from when my son was born!

  31. I’d love more information! Im getting married in July and this would be great!

  32. I’m interested in learning more too, is it safe with breastfeeding?

  33. 4 for $59 up in here! Thanks!

  34. Definitely interested in trying 4 for $59!

  35. I would love more information, I have to take a lot of antibiotics for a chronic disease and I would love to see if it could help me detox. Also, is it safe to do while breastfeeding. Thanks

  36. I am definitely interested in the 4 pack for $59. And by the way your blog is freakin hilarious!

  37. How do i get the 4 for $59?

    Cassie Giannini
    on April 16th, 2013 at 7:04 am
  38. Hi ladies!

    I have now emailed each of you personally. Check your spam folder, just in case. :) Thanks again for your interest and support! xoxo

  39. I’d love to know about this 4pack for $59!

  40. I too am interested in the 4 pack for $59 but don’t want a monthly commitment. I’m a 50+ single mom with little or no time to devote to me…this sounds amazing. Love your blog!

  41. Geez skinny! You look amazeballs and I just officially got remotivated. Maybe if I am a good girl for a few weeks ill treat myself to a wrap. ;)

  42. Ok so I am pregnant right now, but after this baby I definitely want to try. I keep hearing about these things. If it works for me I’d love to sell them!!

  43. i’m wondering how i can get some info on these wraps too! i work out diligently (at least an hour every day) and have totally changed my diet but i’ve had two large baby boys and all the loose skin on my tummy just isn’t going away!! help! :)

  44. I’d like to know more! If you could email me with details that would be great..if it’s not too late :D

  45. I’ve seen these around and am interested. How do I get a box of 4 for $59?!

  46. Hummm…. I have been working at this weight loss for 3 months now, lost 23 pounds, need to lose flab from age and overweight syndrome. I am 64 years old, are their any medications in the wrap to be concerned with.

  47. Hello!
    I arrived your website hanging arround on Pinterest, does it really work??? I’m from Mexico City, and I would love to try it, if it really works, I promise, PROMISE to become a distributor myself (sorry for my english)

    Please email me!!!

  48. I would love to know how to get the wraps for 59$

    Can u email me the details?

    Leaving for vacation in 10 days! Would love to get them before!!!!!!

  49. I’d love more info on the 4 for $59. Do you ship to Canada?

  50. I just placed an order for the wrap pack, and would love to hear your personal story. I had a baby a year ago and have that little tummy that I’d love to get rid of.

  51. I´m very very interested. How can I try it for $59??
    Do you ship to Mexico

  52. Lissette, I would love to send you more info! What is your email address?

  53. Thank you, my email address is

  54. Hey I am 34 weeks pregnant and would love to use them asap once my baby is born. Could you email me more info? I am hoping it can help me bounce back quick.