Kids wearing floaties: Do not let your guard down!


dangerous cheap floaties

I was just out swimming with both of the kids and Jack was wearing a pair of these floaties. I bought them at Walmart and I’m pretty sure they sell them at Target as well. As I was helping Maddie practice swimming, Jack was to my right (within my arm’s reach, thankfully) and I had taken my eyes off him for a few seconds as Maddie was coming toward me. I turned back to see the most scared expression I’ve ever seen him make as he was sinking and struggling to keep his head above the surface. He couldn’t get himself back up, even with one floaty still in tact. I’ll never forget that look in his eyes. You guys… it was awful.

Just a sobering reminder about keeping a VERY close eye on your precious ones this summer. And to NOT buy cheap floaties. This one was fine when we got in the pool, but within 10 minutes it had ripped completely. I am very attentive in the pool and was within a few feet of him and I STILL didn’t hear him make a peep or recognize the splashing sounds as anything to be worried about. It happens fast so be on your guard at all times. Thank God my sweet boy is safe.

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  1. I am so glad your son is ok! Our local pool will not let kids wear arm floaties. They either have to wear puddle jumpers or a life jacket. After buying the puddle jumpers, I can see why. They do not slip and if the arms go above the head they still have support around the chest.

  2. How awful for you guys!! Where were these floaties made? When our kids used them, years ago, they lasted year after year. Whoever made those should be put out of business!

  3. Rosemary, I’m not sure… but I’ve seen them for sale everywhere!

  4. We just had friends whose little 14 month old drowned in a duck pond on Monday. It’s terrible,one has to be extremely vigilant around ANY water with children. My son is 12 now but when he was around 20 months, I was in a pool with him,sirring on the step, I had another little girl on my left and he was on my right. Like 20cm apart. She called me to look and I literally turned my head and when I turned back, my boy had slipped silently off the step and was completely under the water. His arms were flailing like mad and his eyes were open and huge. It was the most awful thing ever and I was right there!
    I am so glad Jack is okay. Too many accidents happen.
    Be safe! Xx

  5. So glad Jack is okay, that is so scary. Something happened to my brother when he was younger when he slipped and fell in the pool and my mum had to dive in to grab him. It must have been so scary for you! I glad he is safe, floatie companies should be forced to test,test and retest their products and have proper safety standards so things like this don’t happen!

    You are so right, buy good quality floaties. For the sake of a few bucks is it worth risking your child’s life? Stay safe Morgan.

  6. PRAISE GOD Jack is ok. So glad for you, can’t imagine the look on his face at that time.
    Thank God!

  7. I read an article not too long ago about how drowning in a silent act. Unlike what you see on movies, people don’t yell and thrash. Their arms go down into the water b/c the instinct is to push oneself up for air. Also, one doesn’t yell b/c they are too busy gasping for breath. It was an extremely informative read.

  8. I am so glad that he was ok. How terrifying!If you haven’t you should contact the manufacturer and the CPSC to file a complaint. This cheap manufacturing, cannot keep happening.

  9. Praise the Lord! I recently read an article about how drowning doesn’t look like drowning…here it is…

  10. I cant imagine how terrifying that must have been for both you and your son.

    Like other commenters, I read an article about 2 months ago about how real drowning isnt the loud, dramatic struggle that film and tv make it out to be. It happens quickly and silently. It was an incredibly informative and sobering article.

    Also, floaties (we always called them “swimmies” when we were kids), in my opinion, should be banned from being sold anywhere. They are dangerous – cheap or not. They do not provide the correct support necessary to prevent drowning.

    So glad to hear your kiddo is ok.

  11. Oh yikes! We have the similar ones from Speedo. I always make sure we have one adult per kid. I think we need to get some new ones though!

  12. I’m always telling moms to be careful, even in very shallow water. Children can slip and fall face down. Feeling so very sorry for poster’s friends who recently lost their child.

  13. My sons had his speedo ones for ages now but there good quality. The seams into the cheap ones seem dead thin I wouldn’t but them. I’d seriously take those back and report the it’s a serious safety issue.