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My experience with the Skinny Wraps. I’ll try not to annoy you.


Update: Hi friends! As of 9/13/13, I am taking a step back from my business. It was an awesome experience and I still stand by the products, it’s just not a part of my journey right now. If anyone has any questions about It Works products, I am happy to refer you to a few of my sweet and trusted friends in the business. They will help you out in any way you need. xo

Alright, my friends. The time has come. I have been a busy little bee over here, but have kept it pretty quiet on this blog. Anyone notice my fancy little badge on the right side of this page? Some of you know about my new business and have already joined in the awesomeness through my Facebook group. For the rest of you, get ready. I’m about to get ALL up in yo face.


For the past three months, I’ve been an It Works Global Distributor… a fancy name for “one of those girls on Facebook selling those crazy wrap things”. I know that if you spend any time on Facebook whatsoever, you will have noticed a slew of your friends and family joining the ranks and selling these amazing products. You can’t really avoid it… we are everywhere and doing our best to annoy the crap out of everyone with our before/after photos! Kidding, but I do know we are taking over the internet right now. It’s just because we’re so dang excited about sharing a product that actually does what it promises. The business is growing and there is such a HUGE financial opportunity for each one of us, not to mention the fact that THESE THINGS ACTUALLY WORK.

My Experience…

So let’s back up to December. A good friend of mine invited me to her house for a “wrap party”. She claimed that in 45 minutes of wearing this magical wrap, I would see and feel a major difference in my stomach. If you would have told me that the wrap I was about to wear was going to change my body, so much so that I would start selling the things, I would have laughed right in your face and went on my merry way. I am not a salesperson… you guys know me. It’s just not in my blood. And to be totally honest, I didn’t expect the wrap to work on me at all, let alone have the results last. I was already eating pretty well and exercising regularly… I thought that if there was any change in my body, it would’ve already happened from those things.

I went for it though… at that party, I let the girl put this cloth on my belly, wrap me in saran wrap and I waited for 45 minutes. When the wrap came off and she measured me again, I couldn’t argue. I was smaller and saw definition. It really lived up to the hype.

That friend who hosted the party that night? The wrap worked on her too and she became a Distributor. A month later, I joined her team. She is now making a nice couple EXTRA thousand dollars each month, in addition to her full time job and just earned a $10,000 bonus for getting there so quickly. Uhhh, YEAH. That’s not even the best part… BODIES BE CHANGIN’,YO.

Here are my personal results from using just ONE wrap on my stomach…


(total time elapsed: three weeks)

Between the first and the third photo, I became a Distributor. I couldn’t wait to start showing my friends and family how awesome these wraps are and how they truly do work. By the way, during that time, I didn’t exercise or change my eating habits at all. I wanted to give it a true shot, you know? I wasn’t about to start selling something I didn’t truly believe in. That’s not who I am.

Hey, fellow skeptics! Here’s what you want to see…

The most common question I get is: Is it just water weight? 

No! The wraps are detoxifying and you see progressive results over the following 72 hours. Those toxins that have been building up in your body over time (through drinking alcohol, taking medication, caffeine, artificial sweeteners) begin to flush out as you drink water (and drink and drink and drink). As your body begins ridding itself of the crap, your fat cells shrink down (those toxins aren’t in there anymore!), causing your tummy (or thighs, or butt, or arms…) to smooth out, flatten, tighten and tone up. It’s not a hoax, I promise you. My stomach looks the same now as it did in January when I took that third photo.

If my little Cliff’s Notes explanation isn’t enough for you, check out this video: The Science Behind the Wraps.

Want to know more?

For the sake of keeping this as short and sweet as possible, I’m going to wrap this up. (HA, I GOT PUNZ.) I have a huge collection of before and afters, testimonials from people I know personally, and SO much more of my personal story to tell. If you’re interested in knowing more about trying a wrap, how to get a box of 4 wraps for only $59, or are interested in info on becoming a Distributor like me, let me know in the comments. I won’t be doing another post like this except to show my next round of personal before and after photos, so this is your chance to ask away! :)

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DIY: 2 Minute Hair Pins



While browsing the dollar section at Michael’s yesterday, I happened upon these adorable little flower embellishments. Twelve of them for a dollar?? I was ALL over that business.



I bought a few packs of the flowers as well as a sheet of pearls and rhinestones (also from the dollar aisle). I thought they’d make the perfect little hairpins! About two minutes later, with the help of my trusty old glue gun, I had whipped up a nice little collection of shabby flower pins.

Here’s how:



  • Flower embellishments (pre-made from Michael’s Craft Store)
  • Bobby pin blanks (can be found at some craft stores or online. I get mine on Etsy.)
  • Felt circles, for better adhering
  • Glue


There’s really not much to these little things. Choose a few flowers that you think go well together, stack them one on top of the other and secure with glue.

For the rosebud (red, pink and grey style shown above), I used two of the same flowers. I took one and folded in half, then in half again and glued after each fold to secure. Then I glued the folded flower onto the flat one. I’m kind of laughing at how ridiculous my explanations are right now, but these are THAT easy. Glue glue glue.


For the back, glue a felt circle to cover most of the area. This will give a nice surface for your bobby pin to adhere. And yes, you guessed it… glue the bobby pin to the felt. OMG SO HARD I KNOW YOU TOTALLY COULDN’T FIGURE THIS OUT ON YOUR OWN.


A few examples of finished hairpins…



And a ring, for good measure. I always end up making a ring when I’m making hair clips, for some reason. Maddie loves them.


Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to share your own ideas! Have fun!

My Savior: Mess-Free Art Projects for Toddlers


Okay, I changed the title from “kids” to “toddlers”. This does work well for smaller kids who can still be ‘tricked’ though. :)

If you’re like me, you are probably crazy. It’s okay, friend.

I have major anxiety issues when it comes to the messes my kids make. I’m working very hard on breaking free of this, trust me. I know it’s not fair to keep them from doing what kids do and I definitely don’t want to stifle their creativity. But for those days when they want to paint and I don’t necessarily want to stress and hover over them during the entire process to make sure paint isn’t getting everywhere, this quick and easy project is a savior.

(It’s not the most exciting kid project in all the universe, but for days when mom is sick, HALLELUJAH!)







I seriously need more things like this in my life if I ever expect to live to 30.

For the slightly older kids who know this isn’t actually painting, have them throw some glitter in the bag with the paint and tell them to squish it around and make some galaxy art. Hey, whatever works!

Tutorial: Felt Fringe Flowers



It’s been a minute since I’ve done any felt flower tutorials and I’ve been sitting on this one for almost two years. WUT. It’s very similar to my Pom Pom Flower Thingamabobs, so if you’ve ever made those, this will be a breeze!


Make the centers:


Cut thin strips of felt to use as the center of your flowers. I never use any real measurement on this part, but for reference, I’d say they’re about as long as your finger. Well, a normal finger. If you have man hands, well… I’m sorry and good luck to you, my friend.

Roll the little strip of felt like you would a sleeping bag, dabbing glue along the way to keep it secure.


There you go! Okay, those look like crap, but you get the idea.

First variation:


Cut a strip of felt 10″x2″ or something close to that. The measurements really don’t matter because you’ll be trimming it all down at the end. If you want a larger flower though, increase the length.

Cut little notches along the length of the felt, leaving a good 1/2″ intact on one side.


Take one of your little flower centers you made earlier and glue it to one end of your fringe, on the section of felt where you didn’t cut notches.

Continue rolling the fringe strip around your center piece, dabbing bits of glue along the way to hold it all in place. Now don’t freak out on this next part…


This freakishly hideous thing you see right now is completely normal. This is the part where you take your scissors and trim all the little fringe-petal-thingies until they look right to you.


Second variation:


This version is pretty much identical to the blue flower. The only difference is that I made thinner cuts for the fringe.


Again, I trimmed the petals up after the rolling/gluing step. The result is just a smaller, more compact flower. Perfect for hair clips and headbands, I might add.

This would take a little extra time, but you could also cut the tips of the petals into different shapes instead of this blunt version. You could round them, trim them to a point, cut at a 45 degree angle… I’ve done pretty much every possibility and they all end up adorable!

Third variation:

This is a fringe flower without the center piece.


Take your strip of felt and fold it in half, hot dog-way. #momlife

As you’re holding the folded felt, cut your notches along the length of the strip as you did before. You’ll be cutting through two layers of felt.


I do it this way, but feel free to dab a little glue along the middle before you fold it in half. It will hold in place a little better, but you just risk getting glue in the way when you’re cutting the fringe.


Say hello to the blurriest photo of all time.

Remember, “roll like a sleeping bag”? Well we’re doing it again. This time, your felt is doubled up (still folded in half) to make a fuller flower in half the time.



A little more shabby than the other variations, but still cute!

Let me know if you ladies find this tutorial useful! Enjoy!

Simple Solutions for Organizing Jewelry


My girl loves her necklaces. And her mama loves her necklaces. I mean, her mama loves her own necklaces. I love hers too, but I was referring to mine. OKAY, we both love our own necklaces and each others necklaces. There.

So what does a chunky necklace-obsessed person do when their collection starts overflowing into multiple rooms of their home?

BAM. Ikea, son!

We found a few simple fixes for our necklace issues. For Maddie, this little knob rack did the trick:

It’s available for $6.99 and now holds all her cute little girly things up and out of the way. Most importantly, it keeps them out of Jack’s reach. He likes to throw things in toilets.

For me, I took the advice of my favorite YouTubers, Michelle Money and Laura, and used this $10 solution:

(Video here.)

Those rods and hanging baskets are my new favorite thing in the world. I’m preeeetty sure they were intended for kitchen use, but they work perfectly for jewelry organization. In the basket, I have a few cute little cups to hold my most used rings and earrings. The apothecary jar below has all my bangles and the little green vintage glass box has some of my daintier bracelets and watches inside. It all sits on top of a big standing jewelry cupboard that holds more crap. But hey, it’s all contained to one corner of my bedroom, which is a muuuuch better set up than before!