Simple Solutions for Organizing Jewelry

My girl loves her necklaces. And her mama loves her necklaces. I mean, her mama loves her own necklaces. I love hers too, but I was referring to mine. OKAY, we both love our own necklaces and each others necklaces. There.

So what does a chunky necklace-obsessed person do when their collection starts overflowing into multiple rooms of their home?

BAM. Ikea, son!

We found a few simple fixes for our necklace issues. For Maddie, this little knob rack did the trick:

It’s available for $6.99 and now holds all her cute little girly things up and out of the way. Most importantly, it keeps them out of Jack’s reach. He likes to throw things in toilets.

For me, I took the advice of my favorite YouTubers, Michelle Money and Laura, and used this $10 solution:

(Video here.)

Those rods and hanging baskets are my new favorite thing in the world. I’m preeeetty sure they were intended for kitchen use, but they work perfectly for jewelry organization. In the basket, I have a few cute little cups to hold my most used rings and earrings. The apothecary jar below has all my bangles and the little green vintage glass box has some of my daintier bracelets and watches inside. It all sits on top of a big standing jewelry cupboard that holds more crap. But hey, it’s all contained to one corner of my bedroom, which is a muuuuch better set up than before!

Floozy Colors

Since I was a wee lass, I’ve had a thing for nail polish. I remember the first time I recognized my love for it was at a slumber party, when an older girl named Tara painted all our toenails this electric pink (very early 90’s). I  was 4 years old and I couldn’t stop staring at my toes and walked around like I was Barbie Cinderella PJ Sparkles Glam Princess.

Fast forward a few years. It’s 4th grade and everyone, including the Olsen Twins (my then-idols) had blue nails. Oooh, those blue nails… how I coveted them! Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to wear anything but the lightest, daintiest shades of pink on my fingernails because the the fun stuff I wanted to wear, like bright red and purple, were “floozy colors”. This saddened me so, but I obeyed The Law of Mom and stuck to the boring little girl colors.

A couple years later I was in junior high and by some miracle, Mom decided to let me wear some Olsen Twin colors. JOY! My friends and I went nuts… we painted our nails to match our hair ribbons that matched our camisoles we wore under our ugly school uniform polo shirts. Rebels, we were, with our baby blue nails with sparkles on top.

Nowadays, I wear Floozy Colors with abandon. I actually have somewhat of a problem whenever I go to Target or Walgreens or Rite Aid or pretty much any place that sells polish because I’ll just pick one up here and there to add to my massive collection. I end up at Target a few times a week to pick up diapers and things, so you can imagine how quickly I ended up with 50 different shades of hot pink in a box under my sink.

Some of my current loves:

1. Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro – Steel Grey

2. OPI – Shootout at the OK Coral


4. Revlon – Revlon Red

5. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Petal Pusher

And since we’re talking about favorites, what are yours? I haven’t picked up my weekly polish yet… :)

Look for Less – Kristen Bell

I’ve had several readers kindly remind me that I’m WAY overdue on a Look for Less post. Thank you for that, ladies! Seriously, how did I forget about all the fun I used to have finding these cute celebrity outfits while I was sitting in the office, putting off real work like the committed employee I am?!?


Kristen Bell is beyond adorable and always seems to be dressed in pretty, feminine outfits. That polka dot top she’s wearing makes me all happy inside. Aaaaaand I’m pretty sure I’m going to hunt down those shoes the first chance I get. Yes, they’re a tad hookerish, but sometimes I’m okay with hooker shoes. Judge me not.

Note: This post was actually not written during office hours. You know, just in case my 6’4″, middle-aged, manly boss ever gains an interest in my blog and decides to read about these fashiony-type things...