Healing Story: I know it sounds crazy, but I believe this crazy stuff

morgan paint and pen

I’m going to be real here, it’s taken a bit of stretching for me to be so vulnerable and talk about what I believe, especially knowing most of you don’t believe it. I’m not naive to think everyone is going agree when I put these pretty radical, insane, crazy thoughts out there about healing. Shoot, people tell me I’m nuts and need professional help! I’m not kidding! I’m actually used to having people not like what I stand for, what I have to say, who I am. That’s happened my whole life. I am a little radical!  But after all I’ve seen, no amount of negativity is going to convince me it’s not real. I still love people. I still believe in God. Most importantly — I’m not here to argue or debate theology, and I’m not trying to convince or convert anyone by force… that ain’t me. This is just my blog and I’ve said it before — I share every facet of my life on here. I always have. And considering how important God is to me and how I see Him involved in every part of my life, I actually keep it pretty tame for you guys, hahaha.

I’m not even just talking about my readers who don’t believe in God… there are a lot of Christians who don’t believe that God heals. I understand, I do. It wasn’t that long ago that I didn’t fully believe it or understand it. But I couldn’t get past how the Bible says He is the Healer. Even when I wasn’t seeing any prayers answered in my own life, I still heard of cool stuff happening over in Africa and I wanted to know that was for me too. I think most Christians have heard stories of healings, but we don’t see it a lot here in America. I wanted to see the Healer in action. Not in theory, not just in other countries, but in MY LIFE. I want tangible, undeniable evidence.

See, I couldn’t pick out parts of the Bible to believe anymore. If I believe in part of the Bible as truth, I have to believe in the whole thing or it just doesn’t work. I can’t choose the easy parts to go along with and then turn around and ignore, debate or argue that the rest isn’t true or isn’t for us today. I can either believe the whole book is a load of garbage or I can believe it’s completely the truth — it’s really that simple. No more picking and choosing things that I’m comfortable with believing. I believe God is good, that He never changes, that the Bible is true, but there are these parts I don’t get and that make me feel uncomfortable? Then I am the one that needs more understanding! Pretty simple. That’s Christianity in a nutshell. Growth and stretching.

So yeah, I completely believe in healing now. And I’ll tell you one of the first things that fully freaked me out (in a good way!) and convinced me of it. A few years ago, I was just puttering around the house one Saturday afternoon and all of a sudden I had this feeling in my heart to go pray for my Dad’s back and legs. At this point, I had received prayer at church for recurring UTI’s and kidney problems and had them completely disappear after being in pain and hooked on meds for 8 years, so I was open to healing at this point TO SAY THE LEAST. That’s a story for another day. But I’m being real here, I thought I was making it up in my own head. And I had no idea my Dad was in any pain or needed prayer. My Dad is not one to complain, exaggerate, or look for attention, so if this was true, it was news to me. I thought it was a little crazy that it was such a specific thought, but it was just so clear that I couldn’t ignore it.

So I called my Dad. “I feel like I’m supposed to pray for your back…” and he was like, “Honey, if God told you to pray for me, go for it!” This was so new; I had never prayed for healing for anyone. Sure, I had asked God to heal me, my kids, help me in times of need, etc., but I had never prayed a focused prayer for a specific injury and saw the prayer answered before my eyes. Never. Didn’t even know that could happen. Maybe somewhere in Africa, haha.

I went to my parents’ house and my Dad told me that his back has been stiff for years and it was just such a normal part of his life by now that he didn’t really think about it any more. Wow. The feeling was right on. So I prayed for Dad. I said something super simple — that in Jesus’ name, healing would come to his back and legs. I was so nervous! What if I was wrong? What if I was making it up or imagining that I heard God tell me to go pray for him? I’d look like a lunatic. I did it anyway. We have to be childlike in this Christian thing.

Next thing I knew, “Amen” happened and my Dad was testing out his back and legs to see if anything changed. He bent over and kept going, all the way until his palms touched the ground! He couldn’t reach past his knees earlier. He stood up and I remember him saying something like, “This is so cool…” and on the verge of the giggles. I had never seen him like that! He tried twisting his back from side to side, his back made a loud pop and loosened up right in that instant. He moved and twisted and bent down to touch the ground in ways he hadn’t been able to in years! I was just standing there like, “Seriously?? It worked??”

Seriously, it worked.

That was the first of many times that someone close to me has experienced immediate pain relief or healing in their body as a result of someone praying. I know it can seem like a coincidence, or you can explain it away saying your body has ways of naturally healing itself — yes, it does! Our bodies are amazing! But these things have happened immediately after someone prays and lays hands, after needing relief for years and having nothing else work! That’s quite a coincidence there! It’s a lot harder for me to believe that all these things I’ve seen are coincidences than to believe it was God. None of it makes sense in my reasoning mind, but my heart just knows.

There is a place for medicine — thank God for doctors and nurses and modern medicine! Don’t misunderstand me and think I’m calling out people who need medicine — no way. But sometimes medicine doesn’t heal you completely. Sometimes you need a miracle. Sometimes, you don’t want to be hooked on pain relievers your whole life, like me with those dang UTI’s. It was miserable and obviously God cared about it or I wouldn’t have been healed that day at church when I wasn’t even expecting it. I couldn’t deny God’s healing power after that day I prayed for my Dad. And I keep seeing it over and over and over and I know He wants Christians to get this and believe it and walk in it. People need relief. People need to know God loves them and wants them well and that He’s not the one that made them sick — He’s the Healer. 

So random blog commenters and even my dearest friends can call me crazy, but I am seeing it alive and active in my life and in the lives of others who also believe in it. I know it sounds crazy. I thought so too. But it’s real. It’s for everyone. And God’s awesome.

Tutorial: Another Felt Flower (as promised!)


In this crafty post from a few weeks ago, I mentioned something about doing a tutorial on those big felt flowers. So here I am to deliver! Don’t let all these photos fool you — they’re really quite simple.

Mrs Priss DIY Flower Box Repurpose Display

You will need:

Mrs Priss DIY Another Felt Flower Supplies

I cut three small petals and 5 larger petals for this particular flower. Sorry, no template — just eyeball it. Even circles will work!

The long yellow rectangle will be the shaggy center of the flower. Let’s tackle that first.

Mrs Priss DIY Another Felt Flower Snips

Fold the long rectangle in half, hot dog style and make small snips with scissors all along the raw edge.

I stand by my awesome “hot dog style” description.

Mrs Priss DIY Another Felt Flower Fringe

This is just to show how you want it to look after the snips. Keep it folded over.

Mrs Priss DIY Another Felt Flower Foldover

Your folded fringe piece will want to pop open and can be kind of a pain to keep straight, so you may want to dab a few dots of glue (I use hot glue) along the inner crease to hold it in place as you do the next step.

Mrs Priss DIY Another Felt Flower Roll Center

“Roll it like a sleeping bag”, adding a few dots of glue along the way.

Mrs Priss DIY Another Felt Flower Center view

When you reach the end, dab a generous amount of glue to hold it together reeeeaaaaal secure-like.

Mrs Priss DIY Another Felt Flower Center

BAM. You have your center.

Mrs Priss DIY Another Felt Flower Fringe Petals

Now let’s assemble!

Mrs Priss DIY Another Felt Flower Petals Layer one

Start with one of the three small petals and glue it to the yellow center. I make a little line of glue near the tapered edge of the petal and just stick it on there. Build on your flower by overlapping the petals until it looks appealing to you. When you’re finished with the small ones, move on to the larger ones.

Mrs Priss DIY Another Felt Flower Finished

You may find you like a more loose look with big floppy petals or you may prefer it tidy and compact. Sometimes I’ll use a few different shades of felt to give it more depth, as seen in the flower box post. Feel free to add more petals to make the flower larger and experiment with different petal shapes as well.

You do you, girl. You do you.

A note on leaves:

Mrs Priss DIY Leaf Tips

It can be difficult to freehand-cut leaves and have them all look the same, so here’s a little tip on making them more uniform. Start with a small square of felt.

Mrs Priss DIY Leaf Cut

What I do is eyeball how big I want the leaf and make a little poke mark in the felt with the tip of my scissors where the point will be. Then I’ll cut in to that point from two outer edges of the square. I hope that makes sense! It’s not perfect every time, but it gives you a similar shape. Sometimes I’ll use the 90 degree corner if I’m wanting a super crisp look.

Mrs Priss DIY Another Felt Flower and Leaves

There you go! I hope you have fun with these flowers. Please feel free to ask any questions! xoxo

New Headbands in the Shop

fox ear promo image

fawn ear headband etsy promo

I’m really having a lot of fun with these woodland themed headbands! It’s been nice to be able to try out some new ideas and switch things up a bit in the shop. It weirds me out a little to say “creative juices” — who is responsible for coming up with that phrase? — but, I guess I can say my creative juices are flowing. More tutorials coming soon as well. :)

Headbands available in my Etsy Shop, Little Lovelies.





My snot covered life

glistening trail of snot

y u do dis?

This is a bit TMI, but when your kid has a cold, do you find snot on like every surface of your life?  It’s more than the usual wipe-on-the-sleeves thing. That, I could handle. I’m talking, walls, table tops, couch cushions, car doors. I have one kid in particular… a true artist, really, who has been known to express their creativity in unconventional ways. The current canvas of choice seems to be my cute decorative throw pillows on the couch. Is this real life? I feel like I have an extreme case on my hands, but I’d really like to know — is this happening to you too?

I cry.

It’s like my life right now is that game at the end of Double Dare with the giant boogery nose. Look, the guy needs goggles and helmet to deal. This is accurate. I have to gear up and take this thing head on or else my house is overrun with slime.


On that note, anyone want to come over and hang out?

(Oh and Life Tip: Don’t Google image search “snot nose” unless you’re trying to make yourself barf.)

DIY Emoji Cookies

DIY emoji cookies header

Just thought I’d share with you all a super simple recipe for making these adorable emoji cookies! Aren’t they perfect?? I mean, I really did an amazing job. I am like a super talented baker and can do all things perfectly the first time I try! All you other bakers out there — listen up! It’s time to walk away from your pastry dreams. Just give up. I’m about to take the world by storm with my culinary handiwork and there’s just no room in this business for sub-par. I would just make you look bad and then you’d be all embarrassed and then I’d feel bad for embarrassing you and it would just be awkward all around. But I do wish you all the best. Don’t forget to check out my new show on the Food Network for all my groundbreaking tips and tricks!

End scene.

So the other night, I watched a tutorial on the good old YouTube with Maddie and Jack. The girl in the video whipped up a batch of these cookies with a smile on her face and not even a single drop of sweat. She made it look so simple, so effortless, that I felt something begin to rise within me. It was inspiration — nay, courage. As the video came to a close, I stood up in the middle of my living room, held my head up high and boldly declared, “KIDS… WE SHALL BAKE!”

My two excited children began jumping and squealing with glee. “Mom’s going to make cookies again! Mom’s going to make cookies again!” It had been a while, you see. My last attempt didn’t go so well and everyone in my house remembers the ordeal, but no one will dare speak of it. Normally, when I see one of those viral baking videos that look too good to be true, I use the wisdom gained from years of failed baking attempts to solemnly close my eyes, shake my head and walk away. But this time… this time felt different.

Here is an example of my previous work:

Rainbow cookie who did it better

(Cast your votes below.)

So today, the kids and I took a trek to find supplies for our emoji cookies! It was sure to be a memorable experience that we would cherish for years to come. This, I hoped, would be turning point, the time they’d look back on in their old age and reminisce together, remembering how they gathered around a mixing bowl while I, their beloved mother, watched on with patience and encouragement, playfully dotting flour on their noses and letting them lick the spoon.

Today was not that day.

I let the kids help with the mixing and it was going well enough until Jack somehow got snot on the handle of the spatula. I told him to go play video games. Yes it is true, I am the actual best. Maddie and I finished up the baking and started frosting the cookies, when Justin came and hovered over my shoulder crunching Easter candy loudly in my ear.  I was in the middle of trying out a technique I had just read about called “How to ice cookies without a piping bag” when he says, “Aren’t you supposed to –crunch crunch- pipe those?” He is the son of a real baker, so he knows a thing or two about annoying a woman who is trying to bake.

I forged on.

A few hundred eye twitches later, I had completed the masterpiece. I say “I” because Jack was still off dripping snot all over the computer and Maddie was standing by, wincing and politely critiquing my decorating technique — I honestly don’t think she’d want me to include her in the credits of this particular work. She is not to blame, after all.

all emojis

The empty spot was once held by a face who was too ugly for the internet to see, so I killed him with my mouth. My favorite is the one up in the top corner that I literally slapped the black frosting eyes on and then threw the bag because I was SO DONE. Didn’t even finish his teeth because there was no use trying to rescue him. I do think the embarrassed guy on the right with the growth coming out of his head perfectly depicts my emotions at this time.

football mouth

Do you feel as uncomfortable as I do having those dripping bloody eyes staring at you? I do love Señor Football Mouth though. You can tell he has a zest for life.

emoji cookies fail nailed it

You can view the video that started it all here: How to Make Emoji Cookies by Nerdy Nummies

I know, this isn’t quite a tutorial like you may have expected a few minutes ago, but I personally learned a lot from this experience. I now know how much money I am willing to pay to have someone else make cookies so I don’t have to.

I bless you and your cookie making efforts! May they be far less sweaty and rage-filled than my own.