Hankie Panky

There are few things that are capable of making you feel as dainty as a handkerchief.

How classy is it to gently wipe your tears (or nose, as even ladies must do) with a lovely cloth hankie, rather than with boring old Kleenex? They are one of the simple luxuries that make life just a little more sweet, and you a little more fabulous.

You’d be surprised at how few people even know what a handkerchief is these days. A teacher I know once sneezed into one in front of her classroom of 3rd graders, to which she was met with quite a few jaw drops and even more confusion.

The shops on Etsy.com offer a variety of adorable hankies, where I found this darling… I get bonus points for the monogram. :)

Some see using handkerchiefs as the environmentally-friendly option, so if you’re a part of the ever-growing Go Green movement, you may want to consider it.

Then again, if being super adorable and environmentally conscious isn’t your thing, you can always rely on the sleeve of your shirt.

One thought on “Hankie Panky

  1. This reminds me, I need to find the one I bought myself around the wedding time. And I need to wash it. Not ladylike of me to disclose, but oh well. Before the wedding, I put it in my dress (cough.bra.cough) just in case, never used it, and I think it caught more sweat than tears in the Bakersfield summer heat!

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