Would You Like a Spot of Tea?

Mmm, tea. Whether you prefer it over ice while sitting on your front porch, or steaming hot with honey while reading a good book, you can’t deny it’s the perfect beverage.

There are endless varieties and flavors – white, black, green, chai, flavored with syrups and enhanced with fruit – but my absolute favorite way to enjoy it is hot, with one lump of sugar out of a sweet little tea cup.

My Grammy started a family tradition of Girl’s Day when I was about 8 years old. Grammy, Mom and I would all get dolled up and have high tea, complete with finger sandwiches and cranberry scones, at the Victoria Rose Cottage. It’s a treasured tradition that we still enjoy today, almost 15 years later. It’s such a delight to sit and visit in such a lovely atmosphere with my two favorite ladies.

If you’ve never experienced hot tea, make it a priority! It’s the ultimate, girlie treat. The Republic of Tea is a well known distributor, and offers some very delicious flavors. Ginger Peach is my all-time favorite… I carry a travel size tin in my purse for whenever I need a quick fix.

A less-popular, but equally fantastic choice is Culinary Teas. My Mom had me hooked on Caribbean Blue Lady after the first sip.

Do you have a treasured, girlie tradition? A collection of tea pots? A yummy recipe for scones? Do tell…

6 thoughts on “Would You Like a Spot of Tea?

  1. mmmy, yes tea. I just enjoyed a cup, actually!
    I love your family tradition, it sounds so fun. Our favorite here is the Country Rose Tea Room– Stephanie can tell you how often we’ve reatreated there for our girly events. :)
    I have a collection of tea cups that started when my grandma gave me hers when I got married. Since then it has grown as different people have given me them from time to time, and they are all special and beautiful.
    You just reminded me of a scone recipe that I love! Hmmm, I think I know what recipe I shall post for my next “Tasty Tuesday” :)

  2. I must say…I can do a latte or a cup off coffee and day or time of the week, even an iced mocha at home is yummy.

    But my favorite times that I cherish and can’t wait to share with my little girl are the late summer nights I have endless memories of me and my sister giggling in to the wee mornings, swimming all summer long and as we have gotten older it has changed to my mom, sis & sil spending time on the patio with a fantastic beverage giggling and talking by the pool. Summer time just reminds of good times with the girls in my family and I love it.

    So the tea I can’t agree with…but the special moments that you will cherish for always that is something that makes it so GREAT to share in the girly things.

  3. Oh yessss. I love tea, and as Talia said, the Country Rose Tea Room is the best place to get the girls together for yummy sandwiches, broccoli salad, and rose tea. For the wedding, Caitlyn got me this adorable ceramic pitcher, and I’ve been brewing tea in it (white tea and green tea) and then sticking it in the fridge for some “ready when I am” iced tea.
    oh and I wish I knew how to make scones. I’ve actually never tried.

  4. I would love a spot of tea, actually!
    Thomas just bought me a box of yummy green tea and a cute tea mug from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf…one of our favorite coffee shops, we are such Starbucks traitors. But I’ll have to agree with Steph and Talia and say that nothing beats a girlie tea/lunch at the Country Rose. We’ll have to drag you down to Bakersfield one day and take you there!

  5. And I 4th the Country Rose :) My mom loves to go there.

    Confession: I only like sweetened, cold, flavored tea!!!!! I’m probably the only one…

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