For the Jewelry-Obsessed

I will be the first to admit I have a little obsession with jewelry… and by little, I mean monstrous. One trip to the mall will mean at least two long necklaces, a pair of dangling earrings, and the occasional huge statement ring. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? Wrong. My ever-growing collection has taken up residence in various drawers, bowls, and plastic baggies in a tangled, jumbled mess. Just this morning I reached in one of the piles, aiming for my triple layered, 18″ gold chain necklace, only to pull out 23 others. Spending three hours untangling them was not on my agenda – such a nightmare.

I found these adorable, functional jewelry stands at Urban Outfitters. They keep your delicate pieces neatly separated, while being decorative and stylish. These are such great little things, and much more practical than a dusty old drawer.

Little Birch Jewelry Stand

Earring Stand

Little Birdie Jewelry Stand

Delight! I love the Little Birch stand, but I just don’t think it’d do the job for me. The Little Birch Forest, perhaps?

4 thoughts on “For the Jewelry-Obsessed

  1. The birch stand is so cool. Regular jewelry boxes are just not designed for the long necklaces. I had a similar issue in untangling necklaces last week. Though in the end I decided it just was not worth it, grabbed a different one, and left the ball of metal in the bottom of the jewelry drawer. Another time.

  2. Oh, I need one! I saw some really cute ones at a mall kiosk that were 20’s style ladies and you hung the necklaces on her arm. It was really cute though sounds weird when I type it… :)

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