Purse Raid Game

When I threw a bridal shower for my friend a few weeks ago, we played a game called Purse Raid. I had a long list of items – some common, some completely random – and the point was to see which lady was carrying the most in their purse. As I read off the list, I was surprised at the results… I had no idea some people really do carry pepper spray!

The inspiration for this post is partially from the game we played at the shower, but I’ve also seen a blog-tag-what’s-in-your-purse type of thing circulating…

So I’ll get the ball rolling and tag myself!

  • My Fauch (faux Coach) wallet
  • Address Book
  • Victoria’s Secret Free Panty coupon
  • “Indulge” 2-month-old birthday card (from Shea)
  • The Other Boleyn Girl paperback… loving it.
  • Black sunglasses & brown (gotta have backups)
  • Dingy makeup bag
  • Jane loose face powder
  • OPI polish – Shoot Out at the O.K. Coral (I’m bad & paint them at work)
  • Great Shakes hand lotion
  • Sour Mango Altoids
  • Plastic Easter egg… the jellybeans from inside were eaten long ago!
  • $.85
  • Gold leaf earrings
  • Random pen from work
  • Pink Razr… so old and dying.
  • Wintermint Orbit gum
  • My car keys, complete with Blockbuster Rewards card

Very sad, is it not?

Stephanie, Alyssa, Caitlyn, Tammy, Talia & Lisa — Tag! What’s in your purse?

9 thoughts on “Purse Raid Game

  1. ohh I remember that makeup bag.. seeing you dig through it at the front desk. the post-lunch powder touch up.

    And I have witnessed you painting your nails at work! :) I remembered that fondly too.

  2. i love this game! thanks for the tag! i wanted to see the other boelyn girl but i didn’t get to. maybe i’ll read the book in the meantime…

  3. I did this one already. I tagged Talia who probably would have tagged you and Stephanie… so think of it not as you tagging yourself, but me tagging you one degree away. :)

  4. fun! I was planning on getting around to this sometime soon, since Lisa already tagged me, as she said– but now I have double the reason to do it. Thanks!

  5. FAUCH! LOL!!! Around here, we call that a Doach! Too funny! Actually, you are very nice and neat. I don’t know if I could put the contents of my purse online though…I admire your bravery!

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