The Look for Less – Blake Lively

Blake Lively is just too cute for words. And her outfit — GLORIOUS!

Okay, I have a small confession… while sitting at my desk at work (as I am right now — minimize screen power!), my mind is usually on everything BUT my job. One of the most distracting sites on the planet is I could honestly sit and browse through The Look of the Day for hours (and I have). I get so inspired by all the well-dressed women, and often try to recreate the looks on my own for a lot less money.

Blake Lively’s look just caught my eye for some reason — it’s so crisp and effortless. So, I found some similar items online and just might have to try it out for myself…

So, what do you all think? Please tell me I’m not the only copy cat!

6 thoughts on “The Look for Less – Blake Lively

  1. Love it. I do the same thing all the time. When I am getting ready for a shopping trip I look through magazines and higher end catalogs to get and idea of what I want then try to find stuff that is really similar for much cheaper.

    What also nice about this is if I know an element won’t work for me (like aforementioned heels) I can find something different that is similar but does work for me (like peep toe flats).

    Very cute recreation of the look. :)

  2. I LOVE that jacket. I need a light structured jacket like that for the spring. My search is on.

    But yes I love when I get my Lucky Magazine in the mail so I can get an idea of what kinds of looks I want to find (for less of course). Now I want to go shopping. Boo.

    So when you are farther along are you going to post maternity style :)

  3. I love the jacket but i don’t think I could do a white jacket *cry* (hello that’s why I have gone to do the gym every day this week!). And you reminded me that I need new jeans…I hope this weeks paycheck can put me on a shopping trip :/ I actually do not do that too much but what I do now is see something cute and want to make it.

    Ok does anyone buy GAP jeans? I have bought their jeans for years, but half of them have got holes/wear/rips in WEIRD places for no reason it drives me nuts…I used to be a jean-a-holic. Ok i still am.

  4. Hi there! Nice work on replicating Blake — she’s so cute too isn’t she?! Our site may help you in your endeavors with future “looks for less” posts…have you heard of You pick your favorite brands and your sizes, and we email you when things go on sale! Let me know if you want to learn more and be featured as a Trendsetter on our site!

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