I know, it’s bad. I think I had one post in the last week… such a disgrace! Just know that I have been a busy little woman and have a heap of new posts in the queue. :)

Something to look forward to…

Dessert and coffee on the beach the night before Alicia’s wedding


The lovely beach wedding (I’m that blurry thing on the far left)


First ultrasound for Baby Gable!


I also have an exciting and much-anticipated lunch date with Mrs. Stephanie Corwin this weekend. Details and pictures to come. :)

9 thoughts on “Slacking

  1. Haha! I saw the name of the first picture: goth! lol! I love it. That second picture is great. I’m guessing Justin’s fabulous wedding photography at work there as well?

    And yay baby bean/gummy bear! We shall soon meet. well kind of.

  2. I wasn’t expecting that picture and I almost cried. I have seen a million ultrasound and this time it just made me well up in tears. I am so excited for Baby Gable! Love you.

  3. I love how in those first ultrasound pictures the baby looks like a little peanut. :) Mine looked almost the same.

  4. Oh yeah! I’m totally all about the In-N-Out right now! I think I could seriously eat it every single day and not get sick of it. Which is totally disgusting. Tons of my friends that have had kids said it was the same way for them. You are definitely not alone! :)

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