Beyond the Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress is the one piece in a woman’s wardrobe she can always rely on to make her feel feminine, lovely, and irresistible… but it can be quite boring if worn all by it’s lonesome!

I’ve come up with a few different ways to change up that black dress using my new favorite toy, Polyvore.

Ladies’ Night

Bold, fun accessories are the easiest way to dress up any outfit. These hot red heels by Steve Madden and funky charm bracelet by Betsey Johnson make this completely appropriate for Girls’ Night Out. Just try not to attract TOO much attention. :)

High Tea

If you’re going out to Sunday brunch or having tea with Grammy, you might want to rethink that zebra print clutch. A more appropriate and sophisticated way to accessorize is with a cute jacket, dainty jewelry and lacey, feminine details. Don’t forget your hankie!

What are your tips and tricks for dressing up the plain old Little Black Dress?

Click on images for full details and links to individual items.

6 thoughts on “Beyond the Little Black Dress

  1. First of all that site is so cool. I need to explore it more.

    I usually just change out the shoes and the clutch. The nice thing about a solid piece like that there are so many options for accessories.

  2. These outfits are great. Wish I lived there so we could do girl’s night! That is fabulous. I love the high tea outfit too. Quite a transformation.

    Off to play with that website now. :)

  3. ooh, such FUN accessories! I love the high tea look, it is too cute and just my style. I’m especially liking the hankie. :)

  4. omg i love polyvore too! it has definitely kept me from doing my projects at work lately (it’s just so addicting!!).

    thanks for commenting on our blog. i have already bookmarked you and will be visiting again soon.

  5. Cute cute! I love polyvore as well! I’m going to go do a little black dress set now!

    I agree with you, fun, bold accessories are the best way to dress up the LBD.

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