le week-end

The lovely Larissa posted a blog about her weekend plans… and now I will copy her. :)

  • Tonight is the long-awaited double date with some good friends of ours, Brent and Danelle, at Cheesecake Factory. Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake — 1,000,000,000 calories, chunky thighs and all — here comes the starving pregnant lady to devour you!
  • Saturday morning at the crack of dawn, the plan is to go hit up a few yard sales. Last weekend I found some amazing deals (details to come… OH, you’ll flip). The goal tomorrow is to find some sort of a big, old chest to use as a coffee table. We’ll see how it goes.
  • Babysitting this Mama’s baby, which will be no problem. I’ve never seen this kid cry — he’s so good! We’ll just see how quickly changing dirty diapers comes back to me.
  • Tomorrow evening is a dinner at a pizza parlor to celebrate my wonderful friend Anna’s graduation. The evening is sure to be a blast — her family is Armenian and loud and crazy. They’re my favorites.
  • Attending church with the family on Sunday morning… May, or may not mooch off of parents for lunch afterward.
  • Pedicure on Sunday afternoon. Lord, how my feet need it!
  • Oh, and at some point, I need to watch last night’s episode of LOST. Like Jack’s really going to die. Pshh… He doesn’t, does he? NO WAIT — don’t tell me.

So far, I’m confident I started this weekend out right — by wearing cute shoes and eating a maple bar. What are everyone’s plans?

5 thoughts on “le week-end

  1. oh yay I can’t wait to hear what you find tomorrow. you are good at this yard sale-ing business I must say

  2. Sounds like you are having a fun weekend! I have no idea what I’m going to do. I never seem to plan for that. I’m probably going to pre-write and pre-plan some blog posts. I think there is also a writer’s meetup on Sunday that I plan to make a fashionable appearance at. We’ll see!

    BTW, I like this post idea. I may have to steal it from you, who stole it from somebody else.

  3. Garage sales yessss. We’re probably doing that tomorrow, too! But we don’t have good luck :(

    Send me some cheesecake kthanks.

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