Sweet Luxury

Anyway, I stumbled upon a darling little shop over at Etsy that I just had to share. Luxe Deluxe offers a variety of unique, inexpensive and flipping adorable jewelry (have I ever mentioned what an accessory addict I am? DEFINITELY stocking up on some of these little gems).

A few of my favorites:

Love Nest – Umm, could this be any more adorable?

Audrey – Such a lovely take on ‘Modern Vintage’.

So there’s just a little dose of stylish goodness for you all before I leave for my overnight trip to San Francisco. Shopping at Union Square, anyone? You can meet my mom and I first thing at the Market Street Starbucks, but I can’t promise we won’t leave you for dead if you fail to keep up. Shopping. Fools. Right. Here.

Have a great Mother’s Day!

8 thoughts on “Sweet Luxury

  1. Ah! I forgot that was this weekend. Sorry I was completely MIA today. HAve a good weekend and I want those necklaces. Yes I do.

  2. Yeah these babies grow really fast. I guess the growth has surprisingly slowed down at this point (at least according to one of my books), but it seems like only a couple weeks ago that I was wondering if I’d ever have a cute baby bump.

    Thanks for the approval on the maternity outfit. My SIL said that even though it feels a little big it will be nice to have because it will fit me to the end. She said at the end you wind up with 3 or 4 things that actually still fit and you get really sick of wearing them, but you don’t want to go buy something new because you are ready to have your old body back and you want to save your shopping for that. :)

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