12 Weeks

What better way to celebrate the 3 month mark than to buy yourself a pair of stretchy maternity pants? These things don’t even have a zipper… they’re basically pregnant lady pull-ups. I’m just keepin’ it classy.

I figure my bump is about 90% gas, 10% baby at this point, but it’s far better to walk around in these puppies than suffocate my uterus. I actually don’t think I could have handled it for another minute, anyway.

I feel legit. :)

P.S. Could I have made a more hideous face?  I think not.

Note to Justin: I realize I’ve spent about $23,000 this week, but these were on sale. When you have a full-on Lemon Baby in your stomach, come back and tell me that I don’t need these. J/K, I love you.

10 thoughts on “12 Weeks

  1. Hi baby bean! You can totally get away with the maternity stretch pants, you should be comfortable. Loving your face in this picture :)

  2. Hooray for the first belly shot!! :) You look fantastic. Those jeans are cute on you… Steph is right, comfort is a must!
    I’m a little bit disgusted though, because I feel like I look like that NOW and I’m not pregnant AT ALL. Hmm, maybe I should think about working out sometimes. :)

  3. omg u r so cute! im so excited for you! forget the mall lets go to Babys R Us and do some shoppin!

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