…Because I’m 10, Apparently.

What happens when you have nothing left to read in your Google Reader, you find some old crusty gel pens, and have absolutely NOTHING to do at work? Why, plan out your next day to-do list, of course!

How sad is it that I’m looking forward to my shows so much that I actually include it in my to-do list?¬† I’m lame.

The Doctor’s appointment went well — was able to hear the baby’s heartbeat, which was awesome. It’s beating in the 160’s, which – according to pregnancy myths – might mean it’s a little mini-me. Oh please, oh please, oh please be a girl!

And now, I’m off to enjoy some yummy tea with my great and fabulous friend Tara.

Have fun watching The Office tonight… it’s the last one! :(

3 thoughts on “…Because I’m 10, Apparently.

  1. My mini me was in the 160s pretty consistently until the BIG ultrasound and this last appointment when it dropped to the 140-150 range. But all before that it was in the 160s. My friend that is have a boy said hers has been in the 140s the whole time and when she had her daughter it was in the 160s. But of course when I did a pregnancy myths story for the newspaper the OB I interviewed said there is no scientific basis for it…

  2. now THAT is something I miss. I used to draw all over my planner in gel pens in college. and that is not that long ago. lol.

  3. so now I think the submit a comment should be animated too! lol :) maybe I shouldn’t distract justin while he should be packing for this weekend! yay!

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