13 Weeks

Another awkward facial expression (how depressed do I look? I promise I’m a happy person!), ginormous boobies and an almost-13-week baby bump for your enjoyment. Or maybe just for mine… that’s cool too.

Anyone have stylish/affordable maternity outfit suggestions? My wardrobe is dwindling… I can’t fit into my small-mediums anymore!! :(


I was just told that my cheeks are looking chubbier than normal.  Thanks, lady.

12 thoughts on “13 Weeks

  1. Hey…you are preggo! Embrace it…go to Destination Maternity…you will love it and love the belly bands. You can still wear your cute Penny Jeans with the belly bands :)

  2. Oh right! My gosh, i haven’t even made it over to Destination Maternity yet… I need to!

  3. Motherhood also has good sales and some cute stuff from time to time. I also like GAP maternity and Old Navy’s maternity stuff, but I have to buy it online or go visit my aunt to check it out because we don’t have one here. I think the other big maternity stores are Pea in a Pod and Mimi Maternity. You’ll have to start putting together maternity outfits now with your polyvore. :)

  4. I really wanted a one-piece swimsuit (I tried a tankini and it kept fluttering up in the pool…) and the only place that had them was GAP and Old Navy. Just another maternity clothes tip.

    Also, I know some people love the Target maternity stuff, but for me it seems like now that I’m actually pregnant all their stuff is hit and miss for me. I used to pine away for the days when I would be pregnant and could wear the cute Liz Lange line, but now that I actually need it I can never find something I actually would want to wear. Ugh!

  5. And I thought of one more maternity clothes tip…

    When it came to pants I decided on the demi-rise (has the like 2-3 inch elastic band) because I was weirded out by the panel that went up to your boobs and I thought the underbelly would be uncomfortable. Well now that my belly is finally getting bigger, they are just plain annoying. The little panel keeps folding over and getting bunched up under my belly. I wish I had gone with the underbelly or the mega panel because it would be so much more comfortable!

  6. You are a tiny prego!!! And whoever said your cheeks look bigger should be imprisoned!!! I didnt see your cheeks before but I am pretty sure they are not big:)

  7. OMG, how rude. That happened to me the whole time i was pregnant. My last 3 months this lady would drop by my desk like every week and tell me how big I was getting. I didn’t even know who she was!

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