14 Weeks

I attempted to smile this week — imagine that! And believe it or not, that is an almost identical, but very different purple shirt than the one I wore at 12 weeks. Not sure why I would care if you saw me in the same shirt twice, 2 weeks apart… but … I don’t know, it’s just different. hah. That is the same undershirt though, because it’s leopard print and I’m kind of obsessed with anything to do with animal print, if you haven’t noticed by now. I wear that at least 6 days out of the week. Kidding (but not really). Umm, moving on.

How my chesticles have almost completely disappeared in the past seven days is a mystery to me, but I actually don’t mind as long as they come back in the next week or two. I and my aching back could use a break from those death bags… and a break from the eyes of every male over 15 years of age. Seriously, sometimes I just want to just blurt out “I’M CARRYING A PEACH-SIZED FETUS COVERED IN FURRY HAIR, YOU DON’T WANT THIS, MAN!”

Oh, and I scared myself for a second when looking at this picture, thinking, “where in the heck is my wedding ring?!?”… but the genius in me then realized I took this picture in the bathroom mirror. Mirror = reflection = opposite of reality = messes with my head, but I understand it now.  Thank you, science.

5 thoughts on “14 Weeks

  1. I will be glad when your baby stops being food.. well unless it gets to be the size of a melon. :) And WHERE did you get a leopard print undershirt!? dying here.

  2. Umm yeah just so you know the “chesticles” are probably going to be on a rollercoaster ride throughout this whole thing… When I first found out I was pregnant it felt like they were going to explode out of my bra and then they started shrinking majorly which was alright with me because I already thought they were too big before the explosion, but now they are expanding again. I’m trying to make do with the bras I have because with all these changes I don’t really want to invest anymore in the things until they are settled. It’s a little frustrating…

  3. oh my gosh, you are so funny!! I laughed out loud at all this. And might I add, you are a darn cute pregnant gal.

  4. You rock the purple too? We definitely ARE twins. Except for how I never have boobs… and have no peach-sized fetus to blame. :)

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