Loving it.

While browsing through the House Tours on Apartment Therapy (this is a busy day at work, can you tell?), I couldn’t help but drool over these photos.  You may or may not know about my unhealthy obsession with all-things-toile, but I can safely say that my love has only grown stronger after seeing these.  How glamorous!

You can view the slideshow (25 glorious pictures) here.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

11 thoughts on “Loving it.

  1. That’s adorable. How cute/interesting is that “hat display”?! Someday I will have a cute bedroom, someday ;)

  2. Gah I had to cut out apt therapy main and only go with SF on the google reader. plus Morgan shares all the good stuff anyways :)

    Love the black wine glass holding the pens!

  3. Dang you Morgan– now look what you’ve made me do! Lust after all those pretty things! I think my fav is the 2nd photo– is there any way somebody could give me that entire room? HA! Man– HOW weird is it that you were at the parisian cafe too?! that is sooo crazy!!! It could have been a meetup of five bloggers! You should have come over and said hi!! Don’t you love that place? yum! Maybe one day we’ll meet up for realz and not just have breakfast at the same place. haha.

  4. I absolutely love all of these. I really like the wall decorations and the sunglasses in the second to last picture. Go big or go home!

    I’m glad you stopped by my blog, you should definitely stop by again. I will be back to see yours also.

  5. oh wow, so beautiful. I love the colors and the way they thought to position everything. Sigh. When I look at things like this I get a serious case of wanting to home decor shopping and spending money like CRAZY!! :)
    by the way, I think you should post some picture of YOUR home sometime– I bet it is so cute, knowing your style. I’d love to see some of your ideas!

  6. My girlfriends tell Me I have an unhealthy obsession with anything DAMASK Print. It’s every where. My bedding, my sons, bags, etc :0/ I cannot help this. Oops!

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