The Look for Less – Halle Berry

Okay, hot mom alert. She just had her baby in what? March? I hope I look that good after this bundle of joy/fatness arrives.

I thought Halle’s summery casual look was wicked cute. She glammed up a plain white dress with a few accessories and made a completely gorgeous outfit. I find that if you have a few good and simple pieces in your wardrobe, you can change the entire look by swapping out the accessories. Hmm… new post idea …

I KNOW you can do better than that… Try it.

5 thoughts on “The Look for Less – Halle Berry

  1. i have a white dress just like that, love the idea of paring it up with that jewelry! i *might* have to buy that necklace like… soon. xoxo

  2. I LOVE your look for less section! You’re so good! — You could be a personal shopper! Wouldn’t that be the most fun job ever? Dang, I wish there was someway to do that without being a celeb’s personal assistant or Rachel Zoe first. Then again, sometimes I’m a lazy shopper.Ok, anyways, I am totally rambling in this comment but I love the outfit you picked! That necklace is so cute.

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