Because this isn’t just about my baby…

I realize I’ve been doing quite a bit of pregnancy posts lately — I’m just a tad consumed with it all, can you tell? In keeping with my Prissy side, I’d say it’s high time I speak on something that everyone can appreciate… Etiquette! Yayyyy. After all, what’s more ladylike than having manners?

As dull as it may seem, I can’t stress enough the importance of every day etiquette. It reaches far beyond ‘please and thank you’ & chewing with your mouth closed:

“Wherever two people come together and their actions affect one another, you have etiquette.”

– Emily Post

With the assistance of Emily Post’s Etiquette bible that my dear friend blessed me with on my birthday, I’ll have something new and useful (hopefully!) to share with all you wonderful ladies very soon.

And if you’re just DYING to see each week’s installment of Pregnant Morgan’s Expanding Waistline, never fear … I’m on a roll with my ghetto-work-bathroom-low-quality-cell-phone-pictures. Why stop now? :)

5 thoughts on “Because this isn’t just about my baby…

  1. the horror! hahaha. I do that under the desk too. :)

    What is the WORST is when you see bridesmaids walking around barefoot at wedding receptions. I die a little inside each time.

  2. Oh yes the barefoot bridesmaids Morgan knows how much I enjoy that. Don’t worry Alyssa, I can wear my shoes the entire time at your wedding. I have no feeling in my feet anymore. Just name the date and time :)

    And I totally love that quote. I’m glad you blogged about it. I think a lot of people only think etiquette is being snobbish and using the right fork at dinner, and just write it off as something people don’t need anymore. When it is really just so much more than that, and really necessary.

  3. I think etiquette is great, and I wish people wouldn’t have forgotten most of it. I mean, the rules are there for a reason.

    One of my favorites? Don’t start eating until everyone is seated and has their meals as well. Like, seriously. Be polite!

  4. I definitely took off my shoes during Steph’s reception. DID YOU SEE MY SHOES?? If they had been normal heels, I probably would have kept them on during the reception.

    And yay for etiquette!

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