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As much as I’ve preached the importance of etiquette and manners, I have to admit that I have made many a faux-pas in my day (the composition of that sentence is probably one in itself). A major complaint my family has is how frequently I reapply my makeup. My Mom, in particular gives me quite a hard time, reminding me that I don’t need ‘all that makeup’ (yes I absolutely do), and can’t understand why I would ever feel the need to apply powder more than once during the day (do the words oil slick mean anything to you?).

Anyway, a question that has been nagging me for quite some time is whether or not applying lipstick at the table after a meal is considered rude. Whipping out the compact and fixing my eyeliner I can understand, but what about a quick little dab of gloss? After doing a little research, I’m pleased to say I haven’t been behaving too terribly after all.

Helena Echlin writes an article called Table Manners, and I found these guidelines helpful in my quest for lipstick etiquette knowledge. She makes a few good points:

  • Generally, you should save grooming for the bathroom, but putting on lipstick is different because it isn’t unhygienic. Brushing your hair, flossing, and filing your nails — just don’t. Gross.
  • It’s important that you get the task over with quickly. A quick swipe of lipstick or gloss is acceptable, but fiddling around with a lip liner is not.
  • If you absolutely NEED a mirror, at least make sure that it’s cute and dainty (aren’t those darling?).

Emily Post would also add these tips:

It’s okay to quickly apply lipstick at the table if you’re with close friends or relatives in a non-business situation, and at a non-deluxe restaurant. In general, personal grooming should be done in private for the simple reason that it can be annoying and it’s tacky. But putting on lipstick without using a mirror and without fanfare is one grooming ritual that can sometimes be performed in front of others. Still, think first! When in doubt, don’t do it, such as when you’re at a business meal or with people you don’t know very well.

So basically, keep it quick, don’t draw too much attention to yourself, and when in doubt, make a trip to the restroom. That’s one place no one will judge you.

6 thoughts on “Etiquette Bits – Lipstick at the Table

  1. In general, I never reapply lipstick. I just don’t really think about it. The other night I was out to celebrate a good friend’s birthday, and she (the birthday girl), whipped out her compact, and like 3 shades of lipstick to put on (mixed to give the perfect color, I suppose). Yes, she was the birthday girl so it’s all good, but it still just rubbed be the wrong way. I feel that if you put lipstick on at the table, do it quick (maybe while you’re shuffling in your purse for something else anyways), and without a mirror. Otherwise it can just look vain.

    A bathroom trip is best.

  2. thank goodness, because i am FOREVER re-applying the gloss. it’s the worst addiction and i’ve always kind of glanced around to see if anyone else was giving me a weird look when i did it. and to think, i thought i was the only one! xo

  3. You know, I’m just dying to know where you found that picture. Or what you entered into google to find that picture.

  4. Oh man, that picture is too good!!! HA! That lady is sooo the classy. I think you made some very good points in this post. One time one of my friends used one of those Clean and Clear little papers that wipe up grease at the table while we were out to lunch. EWW! I thought it was really gross!

  5. Wow. Now there’s a picture for ya. So funny!!
    I hope you do lots more etiquette type posts, because I just loved this! It seems like such common-sense knowledge, but I bet there is a lot I just don’t know. Thanks for educating us all! :)

  6. It is really hard to even think good positive thoughts about the in-laws. But so far Justin and I are trying to pray for them every night, and when I start worrying or dwelling about things that they have said or done I just immediately have a conversation with God in my head and tell him I am going to let Him handle it. Even if I have to do that 10 times a day, ha. Tea or coffee or smoothies sound good, you should let me know when you’re free. Justin works Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday night, so I will be bored at home by myself…

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