Letters from Morgan

Dear Full-O-Bull,

You are my pregnancy’s one true love. Never before have I been so obsessed with a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich as I am with yours (especially you, Ortega Steak… with your cream cheesy goodness). Thank you for allowing me the privilege of dining in your shop at least ten times in the past two work weeks. I greatly appreciate it.

Yours forever,

Morgan Gable

To the random man who barged into the conference room uninvited and interrupted my lunch love affair with Ortega Steak:

I strongly dislike you. And that paper you handed me? IN THE TRASH.


The One Who Takes Her Lunch Very Seriously

9 thoughts on “Letters from Morgan

  1. i don’t understand this full-o-bull still, lol. but yeah you don’t get between a pregnant lady and her food.

  2. Ahhhh! You’re so adorable. I love that you take your yummy food so seriously. I can relate, and can only imagine what I’m going to be like when I’M preggers. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be seriously intense.

    Now stop being so adorable because now I want to get knocked up and my husband just isn’t having it. Heehee.

  3. Hee… you are so silly and cute! I love that you wrote this out as a love letter! How fun. I’ve eaten at Full o Bull but I’ve never had that ortega steak you speak of! Even though I’m kind of weird about melty cheesy (yeah, I’m a freak. ha) you’re making me want to try it! I think it’s so fun that you’re having all these random cravings. I’m not ready to have a baby but I think being pregnant would be fun! I wanna be preggers! hee.

  4. hahaha. that’s great. you’re too much.

    you know, you can get REAL philly cheesesteaks sent to you? totally. i highly recommend it, i’m sure your verson doesn’t even hold a candle to our real deal!

  5. i have always seen Full-O-Bull but never eaten there! Now you’ve made me want to try this Ortega sandwich you speak of!
    Isn’t pregnancy insane? but man oh man, it’s such a fabulous excuse for….well just about anything you want to use it for! ;) hee!

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