A Lovely Dream

Or not. I woke up this morning in a panic because, according to my subconscious, sleepy mind, I will find my newborn daughter in a sealed Fedex delivery box in my old high school locker. What the? Time to stop obsessing over baby, methinks.

8 thoughts on “A Lovely Dream

  1. ohmygoodness– now that is funny. What a bizarre dream! Of course, pregnant dreams are quite often the weirdest.
    I giggled at your comment on my recipe blog… oh how well I remember the days of being constanly hungry, ready to eat at any time of the day. Nothing wrong with a little Mexican food for breakfast! :)

  2. It’s true, you have the strangest dreams while preggo. You should keep a diary! Mine were so bizarre that I wish I had wrote them down.

  3. OK this morning I dreamed that I gave birth to a Mexican baby boy named Cleveland that was really hairy and Stephen thought I had cheated on him and our midwife was all freaked out because we didn’t know any medical history for the father of the baby and I knew I didn’t cheat and I was so confused about why I had a baby Mexican boy. I was crying and everything. When I woke up I was still crying at first and then I just started laughin at how ridiculous it was.

  4. Oh man! What a crazy dream! Well, as long as you remember the combination and the Fed Ex box isn’t totally sealed, I guess it could be easier than going through the pain of birth, right? I kid, I kid! : D Sorry you had such a scary dream- but it made for some good blog material! How funny! And yes, like Christie suggested, you should keep a diary of all your wacky preggo dreams. Then again, this is like a diary, one all of us can read… Ok, I’m really rambling now!

    My point is — you are totally awesome for appreciating Taro boba (ok, well, minus those FATTY bobas!) — for some reason john and I always say “wanna get a boba” and we call it boba rather than pearl tea or whatever other name you call it. That would be fun to meet up! I seriously can’t believe we literally live SO dang close to one another! That’s insane!

    I just rode by your apartments on my bike last night! Dang, we’ve been at these apartments for THREE years now- sometimes I wanna move but then I wanna stay cuz I like the location. Hmm.. what to do?! Or somebody can give me a house at the beach- that would be nice! ha.

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