Etiquette Bits – On Rudeness

Being a rude little snot seems to be the cool thing to do these days. Amen?

Cashiers who don’t speak a word to you are number one on my list — ahh, it drives me nuts. It’s called Customer Service for a reason… if you have no people skills, get a new job.

Don’t even get me started on drivers who don’t signal before a turn, the ones who try desperately to sneak in front of you at the last minute to be at the front of the line at the light, OR the little devils who pace the car in the lane next to them making it IMPOSSIBLE for me to pass and causing me to be late to work because I was forced to go 25mph the entire trip (this morning).

Bitter, much?

The following tips on handling rude people and situations shed a new light on my own attitude — and the fact my slight overreactions seem to be compounding the problem (See #3 on the list below). My 10-second-minimum horn honking habit shows I’m not any better than the drivers I despise so much, apparently. Who would’ve thought?

5 Ways to Combat Rudeness

  1. Don’t take it personally. Perhaps the offender is having a bad day.
  2. Size up your annoyances. Is it worth it to make a fuss over something small, or is it a waste of your emotional time?
  3. Set a good example. Rudeness begets rudeness. If you speak sharply to the bank teller, don’t be surprised if you get the same treatment in return.
  4. Count to ten. When someone’s behavior makes you angry, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself, “Is it really worth blowing my stack over this?”
  5. Laugh it off. If you can’t come up with a friendly joke, just chuckle and change the subject.

From the brilliant Emily Post (& family)

Lesson learned:  We are the ones who need to go out and set the bar.  No eye rolling, whispers under your breath, or laying on the horn for unnecessary and ridiculous amounts of time to get the point across that you are unhappy (MORGAN).

A recent post by Kate over at Kate’s Wedding prompted this post idea.  If you have a minute, check out her blog — fabulouuuuuus.

6 thoughts on “Etiquette Bits – On Rudeness

  1. My biggest is the whole speed up and try to pass everyone on the side while you are supposed to be merging, and THEN not using your blinker. Watch it buddy or you are going to get coffee on your windshield. Except that I love my coffee too much and would never waste it.

    But yeah I’m always super nice to workers and even customer service people on the phone, so when they don’t even reciprocate it I feel gypped. Like I just went out of my way to make your job more pleasant, and you can’t even smile???

  2. Okay I know this pertains to your last blog entry but I wanted to make sure you see my comment. I have something that will give you crazy dreams. Go to my blog and read the latest entry. And watch the video, all of it.

  3. Amen sista! I have a bad case of road rage myself that I need to handle. I hate when people don’t at least go the speed limit. I mean really people WTF? Sorry about that little rant just then.

  4. UGH! I hate rude cashiers too! Seriously — the #1 part of their job description is to be polite, smile, all that jazz! It just especially bugs me cuz I worked in customer service for years and I think I did an awesome job — so why can’t these people?! I do need to work on my road rage tho- I hate tailgaters but sometimes I tailgate if the person is going WAY slow. OR if someone is tailgating me I drive slow I purpose. ha.

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