18 Weeks

Last week I skipped the 17 week belly shot because I lost Ol’ Pinky, my faithful bathroom photo shoot companion.  And I was very tempted to skip again this week because… well, to put it lightly — I am a freaking pasty cow who can’t take a decent picture to save her life.  Ten points for self esteem over here! WOO!

This is one of three photos Justin took of me the other night, and is now forcing me to post because he is annoyed and ‘doesn’t get’ why I don’t think I’m photogenic.  Well, I ‘doesn’t get’ yo face, Justin.  So there!

She’s a-growin’!

23 thoughts on “18 Weeks

  1. OMG!! Maddy is growing!! You definitely look pregnant now! Yay! Omg I need a trip to fresno like now so I can enjoy the pregnantness in real life. Love the shirt and you are NOT pasty.

  2. Okay; Adorable.
    You look like perfect. Now, hush and post more belly pics!
    love you!

  3. Wow, I didn’t know that you’re pregnant! Congratulations! And you looks GORGEOUS! How can you say that you’re not photogenic?! Hehe, take a look at my pictures, I’m DEFINITELY not photogenic! Hehe!

  4. shut your mouth! you look adorable! you really do. I remember 18 wks, enjoy it!! Your pretty much over being sick but not so HUGE that you feel you may start moo-ing at any moment LOL!!
    yay 4 babies!! Double yay 4 baby GIRLS!

  5. ohmygosh, I mean, ohmorgosh– hee (I love that that’s your twitter name, btw) — you are INSANE! cuz you look SO gorgeous! pasty? No way! Look at those pink cheeks — you’ve got the pregnancy glow! And you look skinny everywhere except your baby bump– so freakin cute. So yeah, you need to shush, you photogenic beauty!!!

  6. you really are a beautiful pregnant lady. I love this picture! Although I must beg to differ with the things you said about yourself, I also understand them. I remember how hard it was to feel at all attractive or pretty sometimes. Ugh. :) However, you do NOT have to worry! Gorgeous. I always look forward to your belly shots.
    Steph said Maddy! Is that your name??

  7. you look fantastic! thats such a good color on you! as for the pastiness ( you look FINE) but try jergens natural glow. i’m telling you, it works wonders! xoxo

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