Green, err… Teal with Envy

Due to the recent posts by the ever so lovely Rachel (Confessions of a Jersey Girl), I have been having some major homeowner envy issues. The talk of painting her dining room Tiffany blue was enough to send me over the edge — umm, fabulous! Don’t get me wrong, our apartment is … cute, but nothing compared to what it would be with a few coats of paint on those dull, ghostly white walls.

I have had a growing obsession with the color teal and it’s amazingness since our wedding in late 2006. Tiffany blue and brown, hello? It was heavenly.

It took no time at all for me to declare it my mission in life to make every home interior-related item that was anywhere near that delicious shade of blue MINE. Lucky for me, our last place was an adorable little house in an adorable little neighborhood, and our landlords had painted the bathroom an adorably perfect shade of – sigh – teal. That, combined with my fabulous shower curtain & Marilyn portrait made me want to hang out in that bathroom for hours. And maybe I did. In the most ladylike fashion, of course.

The only downside to our new place are those ghost-white walls I was telling you about. Unfortunately, renters have limited say in the color of their walls and carpet, so I’m being forced to be creative. It’s also unfortunate that I am just plain uncreative. This is where I need all you faithful bloggy girlfriends to step in and assist this sad little lady.

What are some ways to liven up those boring apartment walls? Have you been in my place before, aching to bring some life and glamour into the little space you call home? Give me some ideas, s’il vous plait, and I promise never to delete you from my Google Reader.

10 thoughts on “Green, err… Teal with Envy

  1. I feel your pain *for now* (totally typed PAINT!) I’ve lived in my apartment for 2 years and every inch of wall is white as white can be. Honestly haven’t done much about it. I’ve hung a few shelves, put some stuff on them. Hung some large paintings/pictures here and there. A cheap way, if you’re going for art, is just ordering prints online. You can just get cheap poster frames at Michael’s or something (because honestly, you don’t really want to spend $200 on a stupid frame). Only other thing I can think of is all those wall decals that are available online.

  2. haha! you make me giggle. i’ve never, ever moved… so i’m sort of winging this one, and just hoping i get it right. i might just have to move all of my stuff into the kitchen, i’m that obsessed. :o)

    the one thing that i’m trying to focus a lot of my attention on now is art, and trying to toss in unexpected pops of color. like… teal (which is turning out to be so not teal, but it’s still awesome) and a dark purple… it’s rockin.

    i bought blue and white damask printed fabric (off of etsy) to re-cover my kitchen chairs, so something like that might be do-able for you, and do it in something contrasting so it catches your eye and takes away from the stark walls.

    and? i ordered a bunch of vinyl decals from various stores (on etsy, are you noticing a trend?) to put above the bed, over doors and above windows… just to throw in something different.

    whew. sorry for the super long comment. i’ve never relaly thought of myself as much of a decorator, so we’ll see how it all turns out. right now there’s paint, but plywood for floors. ha!

    you better keep us posted with what you find, i’ll keep you in mind when i’m browsing around! xoxoxo

  3. I’m totally with you on the Tiffany blue and brown combo… as I’m sure you’ve seen from my living room pictures.

    I’ve heard of people using large pieces of fabric and thumb tacks to cover the walls in a temporary way. Might be doable…

    When we lived in our apartment it was boring and white, unfortunately. Even growing up my parents were always renters and we never painted.

    I felt so giddy when I got to paint my first room in our townhome a couple years ago. I still get pretty excited about applying paint to the walls even now.

    You could also just decide to spend the $20 a can or so on some paint and do it anyway and just loose your deposit when you move. It seems like they always seem to find a bunch of stuff to take out of that deposit anyway.

  4. Removable wall decals from etsy. I have my eyes on some branches and bird nest ones! I also agree with Jamie… there is a seemingly endless supply of awesome colorful prints on etsy.

  5. Amanda read my mind! Go to etsy and search for “wall decals.” I think we’re using some in one form or another on our nursery walls if we can get them to work with the wall texture.

  6. I love the blue and brown combo too, which is what I would like to do if we’re having a boy, and if we’re having a girl it would be pink and brown. I t’s hard living in an apartment, I barely have anything on our walls, and we’ve been here for over a year. But we’re trying to buy our first house, and hopefully with a lot of prayer we’ll have one soon. And then I am definitely going to paint, and probably use decals, I don’t like wallpaper, trying to remove wallpaper from walls is so hard. I do like the idea of framing a piece of wallpaper or fabric that looks interesting in order to bring color into a room. I’ve always seen it on HGTV shows.

  7. Target has some curtains that look like dupioni silk in a pretty shade of teal – they would definitely add elegance and color! Throw pillows for your couch and bed in fun colors & prints, flowers in pretty vases, awesome lamp shades, pretty area rugs, maybe some fun slipcovers for chairs/sofas? And of course prints, mirrors, frames etc. on the walls.

  8. Ok, trust me, as your neighbor who also lives in apartment-ville, I totally know what you mean as far as yearning to get out the paint and loathing those white walls! I can’t wait to have my own little house and truly decorate it! I like Emily’s suggestion to put up some curtains if you haven’t already — I put up curtains in the living room & bedroom and it really made a BIG difference! Oh, and I love your wedding cake — it’s so adorable & classy! It looks too pretty to eat.

    Hee- that’s so cute that you had a cat named Charlie as well! It’s a good cat name! Seriously, cats are SO picky!

    Oh man– OK, I sooo know what you mean about the flower section at Trader Joes — when we go I also usually hang out by the flowers, trying to stall, hoping John will say, “Do you want to buy a flower” or “i’ll buy you some flowers.” Of course I can just put some flowers in the cart (like how I bought that daisy for myself)– but that’s no fun, is it? Haha, and John will do the same thing your Justin does … just starts roaming the store, while I’m still at the flowers, totally not getting the hint! I think I had to blog about it cuz it’s the first time he asked if I wanted some while we were at TJs together. haha.

    But for realz- it seems like we would have run into each other randomly already! At Target, Trader Joes… We will have to plan a playdate!

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