20 Weeks – Halfway There!

Hallelujah & praise Jesus — I am halfway through this pregnancy! It’s hard to believe I’m 5 months pregnant, but I have to tell you, it feels awesome that people are actually starting to notice the bump (although, I’m still fully convinced that they’re thinking, ‘Oh THAT’S why she’s getting so fat!’) Seriously, 15 pounds in 20 weeks. But hey, I’m not stressing over it. Not at all. Not in the least bit worried about being 5 pounds heavier than I was at my heaviest. No big deal. I hate you Full-O-Bull, I HATE YOUUUUU!

Anyway, here’s my belly bump, as of last night. Cheeeeeeese:

Something exciting, at least for me, is the fact that this little girl has been kicking more and more every day. Even in the middle of the night. To the point where it actually wakes me up. Yes, this 10.5 ounce bundle of karate-choppin’ joy can actually wake the person who has been known to sleep through absolutely ANYTHING. What a life I will have in a few months. But hey, I’m still excited!

Also, we’ve decided that we’re going to name her Madelyn. I’ve actually had that name picked out for… ohhh, 6, 7 years now… so Jamie Lynn Spears can’t take that from me, ohhhhh no. I called dibs when Jamie was still on the teat.

On my way to my 20 week doctor visit. Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!

Edited to add:

I just got back from my appointment and –BOOYA– I’ve only gained 10 pounds.   That was enough to send me straight to Arby’s to celebrate.

16 thoughts on “20 Weeks – Halfway There!

  1. You are the cutest little pregnant girlie ever! I love hearing about your pregnancy journey! It’s so cute how you’re so excited — you’re going to be the best little mom! And thanks for sharing your baby girl’s name — I think Madelyn is just darling. Love it! It’s old fashioned and adorable. And yeah, phooey on Jamie Lynn Spears!

  2. ive always loved the name madelyn for a little girl!! so much so that its one of the names i was thinking of naming my daughter…that is when i do decide to have children (not anytime soon for me). great choice! :)

  3. So pretty!! I remember when my little one started kicking like crazy. He loved his lunch time Jalapeno chips :)

    What’s really neat, is toward the end of the pregnancy, when you can REALLY feel ALL of her movements, you should start keeping track of what time she wakes you up. You might be surprised that it could be similar to when she wakes up after she’s born. At least that’s how mine was for a little while.

  4. Congratulations on getting to the halfway mark. Uggh, it is going to suck this summer though, being pregnant and HOT all the time. Even though I haven’t gained any weight yet, I feel like I have, and I can tell I am expanding. I can’t wait until I can feel our little baby movin’ and groovin’. Cause I just know our baby will be a dancing fool.

  5. What the heck is up with those doctor scales? They are always way different than my home one. In your case a good thing… in my case not so much. I have a digital scale at home and trust it way more than that piece of antiquity in the doctor’s office though.

  6. you are just TOO adorable!!!!!

    10lbs and halfway trhu? are you kidding me? you are seriously doing fantastic! i had gained somewhere around, erm, 25-30 by then??
    Arby’s to celebrate indeed!! ;)

  7. um, hi. could you BE any more freaking adorable?! ahhh. cuteness. and that name? i love it. and really, nobody like jamie lynn spears. your maddie is going to be wayyyy cuter. ha. xoxox

  8. you’re looking wonderful! I love watching that baby bump grow and grow. :) 10 pounds in 20 weeks is great, I think. Everyone puts on weight differently, but the important thing is that you have ahealthy baby and you look pretty healthy yourself. A bit of indulgent fast food is def. a pregnancy neccesity! hehe

    I love your little girl’s name. Of course, I was the nosy one who asked about it earlier, which I felt kind of badly about (seriously. I’m so nosy)…. so I’m glad you’ve told us all. And I didn’t even know Jamie Lyn Spears named her daughter that! So there you go.

  9. You look FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!! Congrats on 20 weeks! You’re on the homestretch now, baby. I love baby bumps, and I have major bump envy of yours… :o)

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