Do you ever wish…

… you had kept your blog anonymous so you could openly and honestly vent about things in your life without people getting butt-hurt?  That’s so me right now.

In my perfect world, I would have never linked to Mrs. Priss from my Myspace page — that way, I’d be able to ask all you wonderful ladies for some advice regarding a very specific person in my life and how I should go about dealing with the ridiculousness.  Oh, how I would love to share specifics and hear all your opinions about how right I am.

For now, just pray for me please. :)

12 thoughts on “Do you ever wish…

  1. I do wish that sometimes now that I know my whole family reads it, but then I think it keeps me grounded. Otherwise my whole blog would be a big huge rant and who wants to read that all the time?

  2. I haven’t ever told anyone about my blog (except BF but he hates reading) but I post pics up so someone could recognize me.

    I still censor what I write, though, because my BF is in the financial business and I wouldn’t want him to look bad with all my crazies out there. But if I feel the need to write it, I just go with it. I think that’s what’s really kept me from telling anyone about it.

    Praying for you to find resolve :)

  3. It IS kind of weird not knowing who all reads my blog, knowing it could be anyone. I think the accountablity that brings is good for me though, like Steph said. However, in your situation, I completely understand wanting to ask advice… I hope whatever it is gets worked out soon!

  4. OMG I SOO know what you mean! Seriously! Sometimes I wish I had never posted pictures of myself, etc so I could really write about whatever I was feeling without getting people butthurt or without getting fired! Or the inlaws mad at me! ha- even though I don’t think they’re searching for my blog – or are they?! ha. Sorry you’re going through a sucky / frusterating time with one of the ppl in your life. Hope things get better!

  5. I just blogged about this. Well, I blogged about having “some” posts be password protected, so I can let it all out. I have too many things I hold back on, because I know who is reading. I use to link my blog to myspace, but no more. There are just some things you don’t want everyone reading.

    Oh and BTW, Huge congrats on your baby girl on the way! I’m on my second. I have a 2 1/2 year old son. It truly is wonderful being a mommy:)

  6. mine isn’t anonymous, but i don’t tell anyone about it for that specific reason. :o) i hope everything is okay, you’re in my thoughts!!! xo

  7. Yeah, sometimes I wish I had a separate blog or something that I could just talk about anything and everything. Whenever I DO have a site like that, it usually gets left by the wayside, though. Maybe my life just isn’t dramatic enough?

    I hope everything works out though. You have a lot of friends here, and you have our email addresses, too. Maybe one on one talk would be good?

  8. my blog isn’t top secret but nobody really knows about it. it’s kinda like i forgot to mention it to most of my friends and and even still i’m afraid to write about certain things so i definitely feel ya! praying for ya too.

  9. oh man, i KNEW sarah was going to excitedly agree with you LOL!!
    sometimes i wish i had an anonymous blog where i could talk/vent/whine about what’s going on, esp dealing with my divorce and such right now. It’s like i WANT to talk about it but then at the same time it doesn’t seem appropriate? i dont know. but yeah, totally know what ya mean.

  10. Come on you can vent. Just let it out. Just write about it on WORD, and then save it or delete it. But at least get it out there. But I’ll say a prayer for you cause I know conflict with another person is hard.

  11. All the time. But I think the fact that other people read it does keep me from going off the deep end with stuff in my head sometimes.

  12. I know exactly what you mean. My family and some of my friends read my blog occassionally and I have to think to myself sometimes “is this going to offend anyone.” Sometimes I care and others I don’t. If you want you can email me your rant. I think I’m a pretty good listener/ reader and I’ll tell you how right you are. :) I hate conflict, it’s the worst. I hope everything gets resolved soon and it’s painless.

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