Hair Issues

Hair Evolution:

1987 – Fatty Mo rockin’ the mohawk

Pigtails & Dad (when he had hair)

Naptime at preschool, then:  “Smile, Morgan!”  …

Big bows, scraggles, and little brother.

3rd grade flyaways & vest action.

Senior photo – hated my hair that day.

Chunky highlights (Sarah, recognize this place? haha)

Getting lighter…

Blonde and some roots at Steph’s wedding.

Blonde bob

Fried blonde

Getting darker…

The Big Black Mistake.

aaaand the dark, growing-out, in between, sucky stage.

As you can tell, I have some hair issues.  Let’s not talk about the first half of my life — I don’t hold myself fully responsible for that mess.  But since I’ve been coloring my hair, I have yet to commit to a single shade for more than a few months.  I’ve been black, blonde, and everything in between.  I have my favorites, and I have my those-photos-need-to-be-destroyed-not-so-much-my-favorites.

Tomorrow I have an appointment and I’m dying (get it, DYE-ing?  har-har) for a change.  I already know I’m going to keep growing it out… I’ve commanded my hair stylist not to let me talk her into cutting a bob again (those things are the devil to grow out, let me tell ya…), but the color is the big question.

So now what?  Suggestions?  Is anyone as color-happy as I’ve been?

8 thoughts on “Hair Issues

  1. I LOVE the preschool glasses & hair. So adorable. My preschool picture has a huge side ponytail. I didn’t get the over-sized glasses until 2nd grade. :)

    I love the blonde, but both the dark brown and the light blonde look really good on you. You just can’t go wrong.

  2. For a few years, from about 18 to 23ish I had issues with shade commitment, although I did go through a pretty long redish phase. And when it seemed I’d tried everything under the sun (although I didn’t quite get to blonde) I just got sick of maintaining it and decided to stick it out with my natural color. Every now and then I get the hankering to go black or put highlights in and then I think about the roots issues and keep myself from doing it. So, I’m afraid I don’t really have any advice for you. However, I think all the shades in the recent pictures look pretty good on you. My favorite is the picture right above the one from Steph’s wedding though.

  3. Okay since you clearly desire a change, bring this into the salon and tell her you don’t want too much peroxide since you want it to grow out (and don’t let her bleach your whole hair, just highlights around the top and face) and then put a semi permanent warm light brown over the whole thing. Yes?

  4. OOh! this was fun! I loved all the little kid pics of you! The preschool nap one was too funny! hee. And of course I recognize that picture! BOBA FUSION! Btw — I twittered abt this but I forgot to ask you — have you tried lollicup on first/bullard? I really do not like their taro! Doesn’t compare to boba fusion. darn because they’re open till midnight on friday/saturdays. Oh well. I love that you were playing with the connect four over there! that place is so random how they have that and like four sailing magazines! ha. I love the picture of you with your blonde bob- super cute! I think you should go blond again — or take Steph’s advice! Good luck! Can’t wait to see the results.

  5. I am color crazy. I colored my hair a LOT, like you. I’ve never been fully blonde, but I’ve been all types of red, light brown, brown, and black.

    During my pregnancy, I just mostly highlighted and low lighted my hair. That way, I didn’t have to do it that often. At the end of my pregnancy, I stopped coloring and chopped it off (bob style) and just let it go. This is my first time in years that it’s been au naturel, but guess what, I’m dying for a change, lol.

    I’m not a huge fan of the blond blonde on you, but I like some of the darker blondes. And I think your dark hair looks cute.

    Have fun! Either way, I love getting my hair colored. makes me feel pampered

  6. I used to color my hair a lot and then had my own black mistake and have since gone au natural.

    I think your hair looks really great now! I think darker hair suits you very well.

  7. I honestly love the color of your hair now. How bout some caramel and red lowlights? I know the feeling when you just need a change. I too am fond of the dye. I am now my natural color for the first time since 1999. Yeah. It’s not so bad after all.

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