11 thoughts on “21 Weeks

  1. You are glowing. I want to steal that peacock t-shirt from you, though. I am in a huge peacock phase. (Want to have a peacock wedding one day!)

  2. “I eat beh-behs!” Heehee…

    You, my dear, are absolutely adorable. And look at your tummy! Ahhh! If I was around you I’d be one of those creepers that can’t help but reach out and put my hand on your belly! It may be a good thing that I’m not around. For both of our sakes.


  3. I found your blog through Vanessa’s (autumnmornings). You are making such a cute preggie! You’ll be feeling the kicks soon (if you haven’t already). Good luck with the remaining months!

  4. What is this pastiness you continue to speak of?? I see none– just a gorgeous, glowing, adorable pregnant gal. Seriously. And I love your shirt. Tres cute.

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