Things I’m Loving This Week

  • The Pioneer Woman: First of all, the lady is hilarious. I can’t tell if she’s joking half the time or not (you’ll have to check it out to see what I mean), but it seems as though she used to be a real diva before she settled down and had kids. Now, she spends her time taking care of her family and loves it. She has a few different parts of her site, including a photography section, but the one I’m finding I love the most are her recipes.

Try her take on lasagna — it really is the best!

  • Cake Wrecks: Lisa showed me this blog and I’ve been cracking up ever since. The commentary isn’t even necessary half the time — the hideous cakes pretty much speak for themselves.
  • Tip Junkie: Whoever runs this one is my new BFF. This is a great source for DIY ideas of all sorts (especially for the scrap booking type), and she always has plenty of contests and giveaways.
  • This fabulous article on being more assertive, written by the inspiring Gala Darling. And while you’re over there, poke around a bit and check out some of the other things this pretty purple-haired lady has been up to — such a fun read.
  • The Maxi Dress (whose name always has me struggling not to stick a “pad” in there somewhere) really has won me over. I think it was Ashlee Simpson that did me in on this one. She just looks too cute. You know, in a hippie, pregnant sort of way.

  • Two Words: Jamba. Juice. I went through a phase where I couldn’t stand the sight of the stuff, but with the revamping of the menu (which slightly confuses me, I have to admit), they brought back an old favorite — the Strawberry Surf Rider (formerly known as the Strawberry Tsunami)… Strawberries, lemonade, peaches, lime sherbet – man, oh man. Oh yeah, here’s buy one, get one free coupon, perfect for a cheap date, yesss.

And that would be all for now, my lovelies. What are some things that are making you swoon at the moment? Spill it!

12 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving This Week

  1. I can’t take credit for Cake Wrecks completely. Someone left a comment on my friend Cara’s blog telling her to check it out and I went to the link. I read the whole thing that night and was crying with laughter. I think it’s my new favorite blog.

  2. Yay! Thanks so much for the link to the jamba juice coupon! You are the coolest! Woo! I’m pumped! And dude — I totally love the strawberry surf rider! love how tart it is! I always get it. I used to get berry lime sublime — which they also took off the menu. (you can still get it though) I know what you mean about the maxi dresses — i was def not a fan — but I think it would be so cute/summery/comfy on a cute pregnant girlie like you!

  3. dangit! I wrote a really long one too… ok, anyways, do over! you are totally the coolest EVER for posting that jamba link! yay!!! and i always get the strawberry surf rider! I love how sour it is! it kind of tastes like a starburst! and i was totally with you on the maxi dress — i dont know if i would ever wear one but its cute on ashley and i bet it would be cute on you! it looks so summery/cute/comfy, especially for a preggers girlie!

  4. I like the maxi (pad) dress look too – but I feel like I’m too short to pull it off. I think it is a perfect maternity dress though – especially for summer!

  5. I would have to wear some pretty TALL shoes to wear one of those dresses… but I so want to. Sometimes the hippie in me just wants to come out and who am I to deny her? (p.s. my inner hippie is named Rain should she come out while you are around)

    starring this so I can check out all the linkage later.

  6. I’m trying that lasagna tonight with some “Gourmet Lisa” twists. I’ll post a blog about it later. Thanks for the recommendation :).

  7. Such fun links! I must check out this Pioneer Woman, everyone raves about her.
    I’m craving Jamaba Juice too!! oh, there is nothing like the Orange Dream Machine. I could seriously have Jamba Juice all day long, I think. Thanks for the coupon link!

  8. Ok, now I’m just going a little comment crazy. But I have to say thanks for posting the lasagna. Although I was a little too lazy to go out and get all of those ingredients, I did have what it took to make the better homes and gardens recipe. Your picture was inspiration, and my family thanks you too- it was the first time I’d cooked in probably over a month!

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