22 Weeks

Okay, I don’t know if you all can tell, but it really seems like this belly of mine blew up over the past week.  On Saturday morning when I was laying in bed, I looked down at my stomach and BAM — it was like it popped out 3 inches overnight.

You know when you’re really bloated, but you can still lay on your back and your stomach flattens out?  (Is it just me that completely obsesses over having a flat stomach?)  Yeahhh, that doesn’t work anymore.  It’s exciting, though… I feel like I’m actually progressing in this whole pregnancy thing when I can see myself changing so much.

Yesterday, Justin and I went to the children’s hospital to have a fetal echo done, which is basically an ultrasound to look at the baby’s heart.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but Justin’s little niece was born with a heart defect (she’s a perfectly healthy toddler now and completely adorable, so no worries!), so my doctor has been taking a few precautions to make sure our little one doesn’t have anything similar.

Our BIG ultrasound was actually VERY big — we were sent in to see a lady who specializes in genetic abnormalities and multiples, and had a very lengthy scan done.  Seriously, they gave Justin and I somewhere between 20 and 25 pictures of just about every part of her body (they even did a cross-section of her brain, which kind of creeped me out).  Thankfully, nothing was wrong with Madelyn, but yesterday’s appointment just laid to rest any worries we had about heart defects.  Praise the Lord, she’s perfectly healthy.

In more uplifting news (sorry about the complete buzz kill, haha) I was thinking about trying to catch her movement on camera because OMG YOU CAN TOTALLY SEE IT FROM THE OUTSIDE NOW.  It’s full-on Alien status.  We’ll see if she cooperates later on tonight. :)

Congratulations to Talia, who just found out some very happy news!  I think we can all agree that this 3rd little one is going to be completely, out of this world adorable.

10 thoughts on “22 Weeks

  1. It’s soo fun reading your updates and watching the belleh grow! I so have a shirt like that…lol!!! i am glad she is nice and healthy!

  2. Aww — you did your hair! And it looks great! Yay — I’m so glad that baby Madelyn is totally healthy! That’s really good news! And you look so cute at 22 weeks! Adorable! So exciting to see the progress!

  3. Wow okay adorable. And seriously here’s how baby dumb I am.. I didn’t know they like really exam the baby that much in ultrasounds! I thought it was like oh look she has a foot! haha.

    p.s. you’re pregnant! I still can’t get over it.

  4. You really do the pregnancy thing well! And did you color your hair? It looks really cute! Mind if I ask what doctor you go to? I was a little clueless on where to go since I’m new to Fresno- was recommended to Peachwood but they were way too busy and I needed nausea help fast, so now I’m at Fresno Women’s Medical. Liking it a lot.

  5. aw your sweet little comment at the end of this post almost made me cry! Of course, that is probably due in large part to all those pregnancy hormones. :) But still, you are very sweet, thank you so much.

    Oh, you look so good!! If I look half as cute as you during this pregnancy I will be happy. Those jeans you have on are fabulous.

  6. oh, and HOORAY for a great ultrasound. I am so glad to hear everything looks 100% good– especially since you had that little extra worry on your mind.

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