My Mad Paint Skills

I found this in an old Photobucket account from a few years ago. It was most likely the result of a lazy day at the front desk (with nothing but Microsoft Paint to keep me occupied) combined with some serious baby fever.

Not Far Off in Justin’s Future:

Look at those skills. I matched those colors perfectly.

Sorry, babe. I’m afraid I might have passed down the frowning, huge glasses gene to our baby girl.

8 thoughts on “My Mad Paint Skills

  1. HA! This is hilarious! I love it! And I really do love that olden day pic of you — it’s adorable and too funny! can’t wait to see what your little one actually looks like!

  2. Hmmm so you kind of failed to show me that while we were at the front desk together. Is that what you did while I wasn’t there to entertain you?

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