The Look for Less – Anne Hathaway

Well hello there, little people. My name is Anne Hathaway and I’m freaking adorable in my size 2 red flouncy dress. Go ahead and attempt to copy my amazing outfit on your more …humble budget.

Oh, and while you’re at it, be a doll and find the fat, pregnant version of this amazing dress for my very close & personal friend Morgan. She’s desperate to look like anything but a beached whale these days, poor dear.

  • Ruffle Hem Halter Dress – Wet Seal: $15.00 (sale)
  • Patent Platform Pumps – Charlotte Russe: $22.99
  • Tracy Cardigan Sweater – dELiAs: $34.50
  • Metal and Wood Bangle Set – Wet Seal: $6.50

9 thoughts on “The Look for Less – Anne Hathaway

  1. She is so pretty and has so much natural beauty. I feel bad that she’s got all that ex-boyfriend/fraud drama going on.

  2. I have those shoes in pink!! I wore them last night! :) love you! My darling, no where near the size of a beached whale, friend.

  3. Very, very cute! I was wondering when our next look for less installment was coming. :) And you do not look like a beached whale, although I completely understanding feeling like you do because I feel like that too, but then everyone tells me I don’t look like a beached whale, that “I’m so cute” and “so tiny”. And you are cute and tiny too.

  4. Wow! REALLY good job! That Anne Hathaway, I love her classic look. Thank you for your sweet email the other day- I hope you got mine back, sometimes my darned uk address will send it to your junk mail.

  5. I always love your “look for less” posts! You’re so good! And yeah, you’re crazy — you are no beached whale! you are the cutest little preggie girlie ever! Love the bracelet you found! so fun.

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