23 Weeks

This photo serves to prove to a few friends that I still wearing my heels well into my second trimester, as I had always said I would (wedges, heels… it’s all the same to me right now). I may or may not have slipped them off as soon as I sat down at my desk. And by slipped, I mean frustratingly fumbled with for 10 minutes because… well, just look at those contraptions.

And seriously, I don’t know what’s up with these pictures. My belly really is growing! It’s actually getting hard to do really normal things… like paint my toenails. This was never an issue before the belly, but now it’s getting to be such a chore. I guess I’ll just have to start going for real, professional pedicures again (OH WELL!) because let’s face it — no one wants to see these beasts without polish. I think even Justin will agree that those $20 will be well spent (well, he will once I shove my unpolished, un-pumiced Flintstone feet in his face. Then he’ll be begging ME to take the money and go. Brilliant.)

14 thoughts on “23 Weeks

  1. Yay for cute heels! You are definitely one adorable pregnant lady. I think if you did a side by side of all your belly pictures you could tell just how much it’s grown….

  2. Seriously, you are too cute/adorable/other words for cute! I love that you’re still wearing your heels (wedges) — you are classy hardcore! Those shoes are way cool! Love em.

  3. why oh why must you be so adorable!? :D

    oh man, when you mentioned the troubles of painting your toenails i had a visual of me 8 months pregnant, sitting on the lid of the closed toilet with my legs wide spread (gotta make room for the belly!) and taking a DEEP breath and holding it while i bent over & went in to paint as many toenails as possible before i either squashed the heck out of the baby or blacked out from lack of oxygen. ha!! seriously tho.

    Um, apparently i was too cheap for pedicures?! LOL!!

    So yeah, i wouldn’t recommend the above method, let someone else pampers those tootsies while you have an excuse!! :D hee!

  4. people always gave me a hard time for wearing high heeled boots almost until my 3rd trimester. But I loved them, and wanted to feel pretty, and like you, was able to slip them off at my desk :)

    Of course, you’ll be loving the pedicures during the third trimester. No matter what shoes you wear, you’re feet are gonna hurt!

    by the way, love the shoes

  5. Pedicures are hard? OK just wait till shaving becomes and issue. Then you’ll really freak out. We went swimming this past weekend and I couldn’t just get away with an up to the knees shave. It was quite the frustratingly hilarious experience.

  6. Hey hot mama! Its been too long since I’ve seen you (and that baby belly :) If you want a pedicure friend let me know! I’m down for some pampering. And I admire you and those heels. I can’t even wear them not prego :)

  7. yes, yes, adorable!! As always!! :) I think it’s even MORE important to do what it takes to feel pretty– whether that is getting pedicures, wearing cute shoes, or getting one’s hair done more frequently– when one is pregnant. There are so many reasons NOT to feel pretty that we need all the boosts we can get, don’t you think?

  8. Talia – absolutely! You’re down in the dumps a lot, in regards to how you feel about yourself, so pampering is a MUST! I hope you’re doing well too! :)

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