8 Things I’m Loving – 08.08.08

  • My new Bandolino zebra flats. I found them on sale on Gottschalks (which I will continue to say, is the absolute BEST place to find great deals on shoes), and am currently obsessing over how comfortable AND cute they are. Usually, flats make me feel dumpy and slightly less than fabulous, but these little gems are amazing.

  • Glamour Tweezers. Need I say more?
  • This great article (shared in my Google Reader by the hilarious Alyssa) on How to Write a Recipe Like a Professional. I can thank my current obsession with becoming The Ultimate Domestic Goddess for wanting to know silly little things like this!
  • Hurrah for frugal living! You have to check out these awesome home decorating finds over at Domino. See these vases? Yeah, $0.79.

  • Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without including at least one cutesy/frilly/girlie item that little Maddie Gable needs (or I need. Whatever). I am going ga-ga (get it? Oh, I’m hilarious) over this crib bedding by Serena & Lily.

  • Now, try not to judge me for falling for a cheesy infomercial just yet… The Ped Egg really does work! As someone who is extremely judgmental aware of the importance of well-groomed feet, I wouldn’t lie to you. Yes, the shavings are — how do I put this lightly? — ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING AND GAG-INDUCING, but your tootsies are so smooth when you’re finished.

  • The Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedges. Ohhh man, these babies are addictive. At only 35 calories each, I can’t lie and say I haven’t eaten three at one sitting. Not that the calories would stop me anyway, but I’m just saying — they’re THAT good.
  • And finally — Spontaneous Grammy-Mom-Me girl trips to San Francisco! Wheeee! Tomorrow will be a day full of non-stop gabbing, coffee breaks, shopping and fun with my most favorite ladies.

    Grammy and I at Cheesecake Factory in San Francisco, 2006

15 thoughts on “8 Things I’m Loving – 08.08.08

  1. Wow okay those shoes are adorable. And omg don’t tell me that San Francisco trip was in 2006.. I was soo friends with you then.. We are offically old friends now I think.

  2. I have wanted to try the Ped Egg, but Justin always laughs at me and says “ewww, no way!” Ha, but maybe I might just order one. Also I am jealous that you get to go away for the day to san francisco, I would love to get away with Justin if only for a day.

  3. Oh man, the Ped Egg is awesome. And yeah, gross, and the ‘shavings’ fall out, but it’s great none the less.

    I also totally agree about laughing cow cheese. I love the light swiss variety because there’s barely any calories and tastes super yummy.

  4. The ped egg works???? I’ve always wondered.

    That baby bedding is adorable. I’m working on getting knocked up and I can’t even look at baby stuff without getting all fluttery inside!!!!

  5. OMG! Those flats are so cute! Now I really want em! Oh how I love flats…. And those tweezers are too adorable! And those vases! Dangit, why isn’t there an IKEA store in fresno!? not fair!

  6. what a clever idea for a post. :) And, oh, such cute finds. The vases are lovely, the flats are adorable, and the tweezers are hilarious.

    I so almost bought the ped-egg a couple days ago! But I didn’t, because I just wasn’t sure about it, since those TV ads so often aren’t what they seem. Now that you’ve told me how wonderfully it works though, I think I may go back and get it. My feet are in need of some serious TLC.

    I hope you had a great time in SF! It sounds wonderful. :)

  7. Those shoes are adorable, love the crib, I have a pedegg and I agree it does work (and is disgusting), laughing cow cheese is awesome and I absolutely love Cheesecake Factorie’s mashed potatoes. What more can I say?

  8. Thank you for the comment!! I love your blog, and congratulations to YOU as well on your first baby!!! How exciting!
    BTW… I have this huge crush on Christian Bale, so it was nice to see his face when I came to your page. lol

  9. the nurse tweezers are a perfect fit for me and so adorable! thanks to this post and your personal testimony to the ped egg working im thinking of ordering one myself.

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