Snail Mail Delight

I do a silly little jig whenever I receive a piece of mail and find my name written on the envelope in actual human handwriting. Am I the only one who gets excited over something so simple? I don’t understand it fully, but there’s something sort of humbling about receiving something in the mail. I always think, “Wow, someone took the time to send something the old-fashioned way just for me.”

With that in mind, you can imagine the excitement going on when I found all these goodies from Wishcake waiting for me in the mailbox last night. Happy fists!

These lovely notebooks and magnets were my prize for winning the Summer Contest at Those Corwins. Yay, thank you Steph! Do you see how adorably packaged they were? I had the hardest time opening them because they were just too stinkin’ cute. And my favorite, favorite, favorite thing in the world was also tucked inside — a handwritten note!

Thank you, Kerri — you are such a doll!

10 thoughts on “Snail Mail Delight

  1. Wow! So Cute! And I’m with you. Getting something in the mail, snail mail, is still something special.

    That’s why, whenever someone sends me something or gives me a gift, I send them a handwritten thank you card instead of just calling to say thank you.

    And those magnets you got are super adorable! I want!

  2. I get excited about getting things in the mail also. There is something pretty special about it. Those prizes are pretty cute and Kerri is such a sweetheart. Good job winning the contest!

  3. i bought magnets from kerri and i ADORE THEM. i tried to make some, but they didn’t turn out as cute since i seriously can NOT sew. at all. congrats! xo

  4. I love love getting mail! it makes me so happy :) ooh and handwritten notes are the BEST! those magnets are seriously adorable

  5. I also get so happy to receive a handwritten note! I try to send a lot out because I know how much I love them. Plus, it gives me an excuse to buy pretty stationary!

  6. I’m so glad the “prizes” made you happy! Thank you so much for the sweet compliments.

    And I’m the same way…I always do a happy dance when I get snail mail. Always. :)

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