26 Weeks

There is not much to report, other than the fact that this girl is an absolute wiggle worm.  I never get tired of watching my belly jump though… and it’s sort of becoming an issue.  The other day she kicked me hard while I was sitting at the front desk at work, so I lifted up my shirt to see if I could catch her in the act (I know, super classy), and the mailman walked in.  AWKWARD.

12 thoughts on “26 Weeks

  1. I thought you said “the milkman walked in” – that really made me LOL! Ohh…mailman… :) Soo cute.

    PS…clicking OFF notifications :D

  2. Look at you, so adorable and still rocking the heels! Work it, girlie! Oh man, that’s too funny the mailman saw you checking out your tummy! Maybe it’s OK since you’re preggers … for some reason it seems like it would be worse if you weren’t. Well, it’s funny either way!

  3. Haha! I’m always lifting up my shirt to look at my belly and feel it. Since I’m home most of the time this usually isn’t an issue. But when we had family and friends over two weekends ago I had to keep reminding myself that I shouldn’t just walk around the house with my shirt up or lift it up when I was sitting on the couch. It’s almost become an unconscious habit.

  4. LOL… you sound like me… I’m always trying to watch the baby move from the outside. I never get bored of it. You look great!!

  5. I remember when LilB would push out with his foot. It would show through my shirt and my cube-mate said it looked like the movie Alien, except you could actually make out the size of the foot. sometimes I miss those days

  6. Heh. I have to remind myself all the time at work to stop staring at my belly, although my stretch marks are incentive enough to keep my shirt down. Oh, and our open cube layout.

    You look so CUTE!

  7. I really enjoy your posts!! It’s a joy to read everyday and motivates me to keep my blog going! I imagine it’s very exciting to see the baby move within your belly – I can’t wait to get there in my pregnancy. Seems like it’ll take forever to get there, at this point!!

    Looking forward to reading more in the future. :-)

  8. @Lisa &
    @Nanette: Isn’t it hard NOT to look at your belly when she’s wiggling in there?? It never ceases to amaze me!

    @…loveMaegan: You’re going to be the cutest pregnant lady EVER. Let me just say that right now!

    @Steph: Hi Auntie! :)

    @Amanda: Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement! You are going to love feeling and seeing that little baby move… I’ll be looking for updates!

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