Cheap Date Attempt: Epic Fail

As a way of celebrating Justin’s company getting a snazzy new office, the two of us decided to go on a date last night. In keeping with Justin’s our new frugal mindset, we figured cheap was the way to go.

Since we don’t have a printer at home, we ran over to my parent’s house to print out Jamba Juice’s Buy One, Get One Free coupon that I had linked to a few weeks ago. Being the genius that I am, I didn’t realize it had expired in July. Flop #1.

We sped over to Jamba Juice anyway, being that two smoothies aren’t really all that expensive, and picked ourselves up a Citrus Squeeze (Justin’s favorite) and my first true love, a Strawberry Surf Rider with a calcium boost for my baby’s bones. I made sure sure sure to tell the girl at the counter to put the boost only in mine because Justin’s would go ape-crap crazy if he ended up with the ‘chalk’ in his. What did they do? Put the calcium boost in his Citrus Squeeze. Flop #2.

He was not amused.
He was not amused.

We did manage to get into a very inexpensive movie, Iron Man, that was showing at one of the old theaters in town. I seriously love this place! They renovated a bit and now show month old movies for $3.00 a ticket. I shoved our smoothies in my purse and smuggled them on in. Success!


Once in the theater, we couldn’t help but notice a trend. We happened to be among the four people that weren’t over 50, carrying a lifetime supply of candy in loud, plastic grocery bags, making out (remember the age group we’re dealing with here), and fall into the category of… Ohh, what’s the opposite of black-treasure again? Yeah. At one point, Justin turned around and said, “PLEASE, SHUT UP!” to the grocery bag lady, which was really nice and not embarrassing at all. We take our $3.00 movies very seriously, people.

The movie was pretty awesome, once I was able to block out the older couple to my right who could not keep their hands off each other. Cooties… gross.

I would say our attempt at a cheap date failed (considering I was starving and ended up spending $5.00 on popcorn and even more at Taco Bell later), but Justin and I were able to get a good laugh about how absolutely ridiculous it was afterward.

A movie at an old theater, chalky smoothies and a whole lot of white trash isn’t necessarily the recipe for a perfect date, but it sure was interesting!

11 thoughts on “Cheap Date Attempt: Epic Fail

  1. LOL. Ok, thank you for the good laugh. It just seems like things always go that way when we have a plan, eh? I still want to try out that movie theater- I’ll let you know what happens.

  2. At least you could laugh about it. It makes the date much better.

    Im just letting you know that I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

    I have nominated you for an award, and if you would like to have a look i have written a post on it over at my blog.


  3. Oh man… what a date! I bet you guys had fun laughing at the silliness of it all! I love that you were able to hide big o smoothies in your purse! You’re awesome. And Ok, I’m a dork – it took me a long o time to get “opposite of black treasure” – ha. I say WT. How funny that the 5o year olds were making out! And yeah, I’m not a fan of the “chalky” stuff either. That sux they mixed up your smoothies! at least it made for a good blog!

  4. hahaha aww! I love that you smuggled those in. My boyfriend smuggled Wendy’s in my bag last time we went to the movie. It was so ridiculous!

  5. I told the black treasure thing to cale.. he didn’t get it and then when I told him he was like Where in the world did you hear that?

    Morgan…. lol.

  6. It may have not been what you were expecting, but it still sounds so fun… and it made a great blog post, so there’s a winner!! :)

  7. ps. I so did not get the “black-treasure” thing, even after I re-read it several times, until just after I left that comment. haha. I’m so slow!!

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