27 Weeks

Half the pregnancy updates I read say the third trimester starts this week and the rest say next week… but let’s just ignore that last half and make me a happy girl — I’m in the third trimester! What’s jumping ahead a week going to hurt, right?  Right.

BAM! Belly! And my favorite maternity jeans, if you haven't noticed yet.

Friends, this is a terribly sad day in the life of the girl you see above.  That smile?  It was forced and completely insincere.  The apocalypse is upon us… I have my first stretch mark.

It’s actually really light and small, on my lower belly… BUT IT’S STILL THERE!  And oh, how it taunts me.

The little devil reared it’s ugly, squiggly head last night.  As soon as I noticed it, I let out a very loud and panicked “NOOOOOOOOO!” and ran straight to the bathroom cabinet where I kept the unused tube of stretch mark lotion.  I was determined never to need it, but let me tell you something… I don’t care if it works or not, this stuff is my only hope.  I slathered it on like nobody’s business, saying a silent prayer and shedding one, glistening tear while doing so, no less than 3 times today already.

I am so not the “embrace your beautiful new pregnant body because you’re creating a miracle” type. I loved my cute, flat stomach and will be mourning it’s death until the magic of breastfeeding and Pilates bring it back to me.  Amen and amen.

19 thoughts on “27 Weeks

  1. You are so cute! I’m sorry to hear about your tragedy, but you will be back to your skinny little self in no time. Take care sweetums.

  2. You are too funny and too cute! I too am paranoid about stretch marks and take a long look at my tummy everyday…might need to start using a mirror soon. Nothing yet…but I am keeping a watch out for them. Keep lathering up and I will say a little prayer for you.

    I think that after you give birth they slowly disappear (I think and hope). I am 23 weeks prego, so i have a ways to go.

  3. you look great. happy third tri! you should be using belly balm every day at least twice a day — i used it ALL THE TIME and i’m going to (hopefully) deliver next week and have no stretch marks (and both my sister and mom do). Stay hydrated — drink water all the time. And go buy WiseWays Belly Balm. It’s awesome.

  4. Those are awesome maternity jeans! Where did you get them?! Not that I need maternity jeans… but, you know… for future reference.

  5. I agree. Drink LOTS of water and keep your skin moisturized so it stretches better as you get bigger (you look beautiful, by the way)

    You remind me so much of my friend.

    I got a few stretch marks but mostly on my boobs (err just as annoying) but that was because my boobs went from Bs to like DD in one day and my son was in the hospital so I didn’t have much relief! Sadly, they’re not even close to being that big anymore.

  6. @Allison: Thank you… it’s a tragedy, indeed, but I’ll have something sweet to make up for it soon at least!

    @Liz_Stilletos & Diapers: You don’t have as far to go as you think! The last few weeks have flown by. :) Thanks for the encouragement and prayer!

    @Kristen: Thank you thank you thank you! I’ll go out and get some of that, since it’s worked so well for you. And I keep checking your blog for updates … I’m sure you’re so excited!

    @downbeat: Thanks… they are SO comfy. I bought them on sale at Mimi Maternity’s website. They’re the Secret Fit Belly kind (where the belly panel goes up to your boobs, basically). I love them!

    @MissB: I feel ya on the massive boob growth thing. OH MAN. They’re already up 3 cup sizes almost and I’m not even breastfeeding yet! AHH!

  7. Hurray for the 3rd trimester!! Before you know it, you will be posting lots and lots of pictures of your darling little daughter!!! And I know she will be dressed just as super cute as her Mommy dresses!

  8. Aww I love your belly!! And I hope you hand-me-down that leopard cami when I get pregnant :) I love those shoes too!

    About the stretch marks: Itoldyousoatweekfoursohahaha Except not really because your one stretch mark will be laughing at my belly full of stretch marks I will have whenever I’m pregnant. lol.

  9. Could you be any cuter. Honestly one of the trendiest preggo mommies to be. SO did you darjen your hair? You are so funny. I can NOT believe you are in your 3rd tri, really she is going to be here in such a short time. And I don’t know if it will happen for you. But the few STRETCH MARKS I got went away…so don’t panic.

    Love you!

  10. aww that will so be me! Don’t worry your boobs will be so big from breastfeeding that when you wear a bikini people won’t be able to see the stretch mark at all!

  11. @Steph: I knowwwwww, thanks for rubbing it in, hahaha. And I’m glad you noticed my leopard print cami that I wear EVERY OTHER DAY (still). I love this thing. :)

    @Shea: Yes, I darkened it, haha. Remember our conversation before Batman? I was afraid of it getting too blonde again, so I just went back to my natural. And I’m taking your word for it about the stretch marks… please God, PLEASE!

    @Sensibly Sassy: lol! Good point!

  12. WOOHOO third trimester!! It’s so exciting. I don’t know how many times I can say it, but you are just a lovely pregnant person. gosh, I can’t wait until I am bigger and actually LOOK pregnant, instead of chubby. And I am SO going to take your example and try to be as fabulous as possible.

    oh no, your first stretch mark! I know what a tragedy it is, Morgan… sigh. when I was pregnant with Emma I was religious about putting cream on my belly every night and morning, and I was so happy because I was 6 months pregnant and had nary a stretch mark in sight. Then, one morning I woke up and they had literally appeared over night. A whole row of them, right on the middle of my tummy, and I knew I was ruined… I believe I cried quite hard. And sad to say, it was all downhill from there. I do NOT have stretchy skin. Blah. so now here I am with my tummy full of stretch marks and I may never wear a two-piece again… but I’m really okay with it, mostly because I’ve got two adorable children to show for it. :) Kids change our bodies in so many different ways, and I’ve learned to embrace it and just do what I can about the things I CAN control, to still feel beautiful. And I know you’ll be able to do the same– you’re already a great example of striving for beauty in a healthy way– no matter HOW many stretch marks that little girl of yours causes. :)

  13. hilarious! I’m sure the dreaded stretch mark will go away once the baby is in your arms! You look adorable and TINY! How can you be in the third trimester being that tiny? …even a week early….still tiny :)

    I gave you an award :)

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