Slightly Obsessed

I was sitting here at my desk (where I do most of my blogging, being the dedicated employee that I am), drinking my coffee and eating some breakfast when I came to this realization… I am pretty much addicted to all things vanilla.  Let me give you a run-down of my morning:

  • Washed up with Philosophy’s Vanilla Birthday Cake in the shower

  • Rubbed on a few big globs of Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace lotion

  • Grabbed a vanilla flavored Dannon Activia yogurt from the fridge for a mid-morning snack

  • Picked up my daily soy vanilla latte from Starbucks (and 3 Petite Vanilla Scones, just for kicks)

Are we noticing a trend here?  And now that I think about it, whenever I have a choice between chocolate or vanilla frosting, I pick vanilla.  I won’t even start with the flavored lip glosses or the amount of scented candles I have around the apartment!

I really hope it’s a good thing to smell like a cookie.

15 thoughts on “Slightly Obsessed

  1. Yummers! Vanilla is the best! It’s so sweet and home-y and romantic! I’ve always wanted to try the Philosophy products. Vanilla Bday cake sounds delish!

  2. That’s a pretty funny realization! But I agree, vanilla is a great scent! And it’s never to strong or over-powering, just subtle and wonderful!

    And I’m very glad to know I’m not the only ‘model employee’ out there!!! Sometimes I wonder if I’m really the only person who spends THIS much time online in a given day…nah!

  3. @Alyssa: That’s right! I remember you telling me about the LaVanilla perfume… I checked it out at Sephora and loooooved it!

    @Sarah Marie: You would die over the awesomeness of Philosophy! Stephanie turned me on to them a while ago.

    @Susan: Okay, I’m glad I’m not the only person pretending to work, but really trying her hardest to clear out the RSS feeds while trying to look busy. haha.

  4. im not a big fan of vanilla but i love love love bear papa’s vanilla cream puffs? its soo yummy! have you ever tasted this treat before?

    i also love philosophy’s body lotions. amazing grace is my favorite because it reminds me of lazy beach days growing up in the philippines.

  5. @autumn mornings: YES! There’s a shop in the mall in San Francisco that we like to go to. I’ll have to take a whiff of Amazing Grace… It seems like a popular one!

  6. You usually can’t go wrong with vanilla scented stuff. I mean, if there’s one scent that you could get away with NOT smelling before you buy it, it’s vanilla.

    Because, frankly, it’s just a darn good smell.

    And, it’s weird to think that we enjoy smelling like a _bean_ so much. A bean!

  7. @Trisha: Seriously! Who first thought to rub that ugly vanilla bean stick on themselves??

  8. ohhh I bet that philosophy stuff smells sooo good. Lately I’ve been using up all our french soaps we’ve gotten over the years, but you’ve made me miss my beloved Philosophy.. and of course you know my favorite fragrance of theirs.. Falling in Love. But today I happen to be wearing Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works.. It makes me all warm and think of Fall and Winter.

  9. I love vanilla candles. Yum. But if I had everything else vanilla, I’m pretty sure I would be eating a lot more junk.

    mmm, I kind of want a vanilla bean frap now.

  10. um, me too. I pretty much only wear perfumes with a vanilla base or straight vanilla. … other perfumes are so strong and I would rather smell like food. My husband and I are both addicted to the philosophy body wash (all flavors). We each have our own set of scrubby gloves hanging in the shower…dorks :)

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