The White Trash Gourmet

In an earlier post I mentioned the goal I set to become more domestic. I have to say, I am pretty darn proud of myself!  I have been sticking to the plan of cooking dinner 3 to 4 times a week and this was a major surprise to me… it’s SO fun and rewarding!

The over-planner in me gets along fabulously with structure and organization (OCD, much?), so this is what I’ve been doing to keep myself on track:

Sunday: Something simple (homemade pizza, casseroles, salads, etc.)

Monday: Mexican (which is usually tacos or burritos because I’m so original)

Tuesday: Pasta

Wednesday: White Trash (see below)

Thursday: Crock Pot (my favorite!  SO EASY, it’s not even funny)

Friday: Leftovers/Mooch off parents/Yes it’s true, I have no shame

Saturday: Dine out

So, this past Wednesday, I decided to make something extremely healthy and non-artery clogging whatsoever for my White Trash meal.  I like to call this…

Heart Attack on a Plate, with a Steaming Hot Side of Cellulite

Tater Tot Casserole: The epitome of Gourmet Dining
"Sloppy Joe, Slop Sloppy Joe..."
"Sloppy Joe, Slop Sloppy Joe..."

Don’t lose faith in my cooking skills until you see what fancy concoction I have planned for this Sunday’s “Something Simple”.

Hint: It involves a spoon, some milk and a bowl of cereal.

16 thoughts on “The White Trash Gourmet

  1. I love tatertot momma makes it! Anyway so ..I’ve been reading your blog, and I love it!
    I have a really wonderful taco casserole recipe, my husband adores it!! Let me know if ya want it…its super easy!

  2. I to decided to be more domestic this year, now that I’m finally getting the hang of this whole mom and work thing and have been cooking 5-6 nights a week. I’ve found that if I plan out exactly what I’m making for dinner each night, and grocery shop based on that plan, I actually save a lot of money! It’s awesome and it helps me look forward to cooking because I know I have all the ingredients I need for a great dinner on hand. I wrote down everything I know how to make for dinner (so far) and put it on a list- and I let the hubby help decide what things he wants to eat that week. It’s made my life easier and tastier! Happy cooking- oh and post your recipe for the casserole eh? I’ve got a bag of tater tots in need of a destiny in the freezer.

  3. Mmmmm Tater Tot Casserole is so yummy! I agree with Natali..please post your recipe so that I can compare yours with mine and see which will taste better!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! We LOVE tater tot casserole!! And we eat sloppy joes like every other week. Then I have to go to the gym to feel better… especially when I have cookie pops for dessert :

  5. whoaaaa tater tot casserole, i bet the husband was happy, lol. i am proud to say that we cook, at home every night, unless the parentals buy us dins :)

  6. White trash! Bua-haha! I love it! Wow, I haven’t had tater tot casserole in forever. It actually looks amazing. And to be perfectly honest, I’ve never been a fan of sloppy joes, but then again, I haven’t had one since I was about twelve…

    Next Wednesday you should make Spam or frozen fish sticks or something. Heck, yes.

    I’m jealous of your domestic ways, though – if only I had a better work schedule, I’d try to make more dinners. One of these days…

  7. We had sloppy joes on Thursday night! lol…. I love it… I might just name Thursday “White Trash” night too…. very creative! lol

  8. omg LOL!!

    i love that White Trash food is a category, oh man!! that is so funny. I want to make a menu now and include that as my option :D seriously tho, you’re making me want to make tater tot casserole for dinner this week!

  9. I love that you have WT Wednesday! Hilarious! I’m pretty sure our frito boat addiction would fall into this category. Oooh so bad, but soo good! I need to start making more meals at home for sure. We’re so bad with the eating out. Anyways, it was so fun meeting up for tea! Yay! :)

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