“I Feel Like I’m on a Blind Date”

This past Sunday, I had the privilege of meeting up with a few of my fabulous blogging buddies, Stephanie, Sarah & Jimaie.  Delight!  Stephanie and her husband Cale came to Fresno for the day, and while he and Justin were off bonding, us girls seized the opportunity to have a chat over some yummy tea.

I had no idea how much fun (and utterly adorable!) Sarah and Jimaie were until I met them in person. You girls are a complete riot! During our little ‘blind date’, we laughed, enjoyed our tea, and discussed some very important issues, such as our fabulous taste in shoes.

We had some fabulous shoe business going on.
We did have some pretty cute shoes going on.
Jimaie, Sarah, Me & Stephanie
Jimaie, Sarah, Me & Stephanie
Jimaie and I (my necklace is getting friendly...)
Jimaie and I (uh oh, my necklace is getting friendly...)
Outside the closed thrift store. :(
Outside the closed thrift store. :(
Cale and Justin managed to keep themselves entertained
Cale and Justin managed to keep themselves entertained.

Thanks for the great day, ladies!  We’ll all have to do it again soon.

Go over to Those Corwins to see the rest of the photos.  I stole all these from Stephanie. :)

12 thoughts on ““I Feel Like I’m on a Blind Date”

  1. Awww… thanks! You girls were so adorable and awesome as well! It was so good to meet up! I love that you titled this post – I feel like I’m on a blind date. Hee- so true! I’m glad it was a successful blind date! Too bad Retro Rag was closed. Boo! Now I wanna go back to Teazers to get one of those teapots! So cute! You beat me to posting about our meet-up as well! I must finish writing my post tonight! haha- we’re all going to have the same pics- that’s OK! :) Yay for the shoes picture – I love it!

  2. Hi! I found your blog from Wishcake’s page!

    I’m so envious of your meet-up! I wish I had some blogging friends nearby to meet in person, but not many ladies in this little blogging community are anywhere near Michigan, hehe.

    Very very cute shoes in that group :)

  3. I thot i commented on this post!! the internets ate my comment, Aaaa!!
    I had much fun meeting you girls, you are so adorable in all your tiny pregnant glory :) Now i want to meet her when little maddy makes her debut <3
    I absolutely loved how you bought 2 teas, you are MY kinda girlie! Your necklace was cracking me up in all the pics, i wish i had -that- boob problem! That was my fav part of being preggers i think ;)
    You girls were my first bloggy meetup! I give it 5 stars, we need to do it again!!

  4. I love the picture of the guys in their little chairs :) I had a great time, I’m so glad we made the trip down to Fresno. It was seriously the perfect pick-me-up. What a great day :)

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