Falling for the Trends

I have been noticing more and more girls getting into the purple nail polish trend and, being the completely original & non-conformist that I am (HA), I just had to try it for myself.

They're actually not that bright of a purple in person... weird...

I have to say, I was a bit skeptical of wearing the darker shade on my nails at first.  This is probably due to the fact that two of my friends still tease me about that time I wore black polish when we went out a few years ago, when I thought it was incredibly chic and sophisticated and glamorous because EVERYONE ON THE HILLS IS WEARING IT! Apparently those girlfriends of mine didn’t watch The Hills (I know… What?!) and still tease me to this day for ever thinking dark polish could be anything other than gothic.  Whateva, I say.

I give it a thumbs-up too, Lauren.  Har-har.
I give it a thumbs-up too, Lauren. Har-har.

So what do you all think?  Do you stick with more natural colors on your nails?  No polish at all?  Or do you go all out bold, dark, and don’t care if people say you look like you should be wearing a trenchcoat and casting spells?

Do you definitely not put as much thought into it as I do because you actually have this little thing called a life?  Yeah, that’s what I figured.

22 thoughts on “Falling for the Trends

  1. I like it! The dark looks good on you. Well, it looks good on your hand anyway.

    And purple is sooooo in right now. Like, crazy in. When I go to certain clothing stores, like Maurices, everything is purple. Everything.

    As for me, I prefer french manicures. My nails are really long and I think it looks sorta creepy when they’re all one color. If they were short, though, I’d go for a dark one like you.

  2. Haha! I never paint my fingernails..but my toes are always painted. They are usually purple, brown or red…sooo yeah! I like the dark! muahahaha. I like purple..so i guess I’m cool because I don’t need to follow trends. Uhhh…right Alyssa.

  3. @Trisha: You’re so right! I’m loving all the purple tops that are out right now… they are everywhere!

    @Alyssa: Oh yes… I can never go without my toenails painted! I can barely tolerate seeing them bare between pedicures, haha.

  4. I love purple nailpolish….okay i’m obsessed.

    OPI has a great new collection called “La Collection De France” and it has some great purple shades like “Eiffel for This Color” and “Parlez-vous OPI?”

  5. @Liz: Okay, I’m sold. Have to go to the beauty store and check these out! (love me some OPI)

  6. I love dark colors on other people..lol..I never paint my nails..just a clear coat. BUT..oh..the toes..ALWAYS have to be painted..and I love the puple on your nails!

  7. I too want to get my hands on the French collection! ooh fancy! Right now I have a nude color on my nails but they’re usually hot pink or bright red. I like the dark colors for fall/winter as well. I wish I could afford to get a mani/pedi more than once a month! boo.

  8. p.s. I do enjoy Laureen’s black nails — it surprises me she’s been doing them like that for three years. That trend is SOOO two seasons ago. haha. Well, I guess she’s caught up with the purple. I wanted to try the midnight blue of last season but I guess I’m too late. ha. ohh silly trends! gotta love em.

  9. I following the crowd too…I like pretty much all colors, especially for my toes. It’s a rare occasion for my little fingers to get painted…I just don’t have the stinking patience to wait for them to dry. And I’m super OCD about it and won’t touch ANYTHING for like hours because I’m certain I will screw them up! BUT-I did just order a purple-ish color from AVON the other day called Vintage Vamp…it looks amazing on the model in the catalog (I know, what doesn’t, right?!?) and with a name like that I was sold! I’ll have to let you know how it turns out when I get it! :)

    OK-seriously could I have rambled anymore! ACK! Sorry!! But your nails do look great and while I’m still rambling, purple is my favorite color so in my opinion, you can NEVER go wrong with it!

  10. And of course after all of that rambling, I still had a typo…in the first word no less! I meant ‘I’m following’. I’m sure you figured it out. I swear I proofread it too! HA!

  11. The school colors were I teach are purple and black, so I always find some way to work that into my nail polish. I’ve only done the fingers once… mostly because the nails chip and break so quickly, but I love my toes a deep dark vampish shade!

  12. I usually do dark on my toes and light on my fingers, but that’s because my fingernail polish chips so quickly and if it’s already light, you can’t tell as much. :)

  13. morgan, i’ve been wearing black/ darker colors since i saw devil wears prada :) I think it’s VERY high fashion and very chic… I might go paint my nails black right now :)

  14. You’re nails look great in that shade of purple. I’m not a purple kinda gal, but I LOVE black nail polish. Unfortunately I barely ever paint my nails because as soon as I paint them, I end up chipping one by changing batteries in a toy, or making dinner, or scrubbing the tub, or…I could go on. I think the black is very chic-I’m totally not goth, nor do I cast spells. ;)

  15. @Tristan: Thank you! For some reason, it turned out a brighter purple in the picture than it really is. Oh well!

    @Sarah Marie: I know! I really loved the dark blue, but I never tried it out either. :(

    @Susan: My grandma sells Avon… I’ll have to check out this Vintage Vamp you speak of!

    @Rachel: Oh yeah? Well you might be interested to know Shakinah and Anna are the ones that give me the hard time about the dark nails from that ONE NIGHT, haha.

    @Becky: I totally know what you’re talking about. It’s so hard to keep them chip-free for more than a day or two. That drives me nuts!

  16. I LOVE the dark nailpolish trend. But for some reason, it doesn’t look right on my nails. I almost always do my own french manicures, and when I cut my nails short to do the dark think, but totally looks awkward.

    Makes me sad. I’m all, “Why can’t I be cute and trendy like LC? WHY.”

  17. ohh I like it! I only do dark when my nails are short.. because I don’t want to look like crazy claw lady. And lately my nails have been a little bit longer so I tend to do more nude colors. Maybe I’ll go a little crazy today when I do mine.

  18. Good to know I’m not the only one who went out and did this! I went for a darker shade of purple. My family has been asking me when I decided to go gothic, but I’m still loving it! I’m not too great in the nail polish dept. but finger paints, makes a great nail polish!!!!!

  19. I have a bottle of Vintage Vamp from Avon and OMG I love it. It is my all time favorite color. It’s like a dark brown\purple it is just amazing but the problem is I don’t know where to find it I looked on the Avon site and could not find it if you can help let me know thanx. I would love to buy more.

    Love, Beth.

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