17 thoughts on “Lord, help us.

  1. Look on the bright side: bangs are totally in style right now. And I’d definitely go with bangs on that forehead.


    My husband and I did one of these once, and our daughter looked like a mentally-challenged Shirly Temple. We were all, “Wow. Maybe we should adopt.”

    Buahahaha! I just noticed the tag for this! “my fake hideous child that gives me nightmares”. You are so freaking hilarious!!!

  2. now that’s funny. I must go try this and see what is growing inside of me. Even if it’s scary, I want to know! :) heh

    Actually, she is really cute, it’s just her forehead that’s problematic… but like Wishcake said, you can totally grow her bangs out. No prob.

    Your daughter is going to be FREAKING ADORABLE, how nice that we don’t have to trust a website to let us know!!

  3. bahahahaha!!! she… doesn’t look that bad. that was seriously funny, and the perfect way to start out such a lame wednesday. you’re hilarious girl. <3

  4. Okay I’m glad I’m not alone in the whole not-understanding-why-this-child-is-not-cute arena. Plus sorry honey but your baby will not be blonde, so automatically cute! (i.e. not bald). Put some brown hair on that kid up there and she is adorable. swear.

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