29 Weeks

Look who’s making it’s glorious return…

The ever-classy work bathroom belly shot!
The ever-classy, semi-depressed looking, work bathroom belly shot!

I know you missed it!

Anyway, today marks my 29th week of pregnancy (yes, still sticking to Wednesdays to switch over, no matter how Doc said I was measuring last week).  There are some definite changes going on over here in baby-growing land, let me tell you.

All those things they say about going pee every 15 minutes is freakishly true and annoying.  Oh yeah, fatigue?  Cankles?  Sciatica?  I have been cursed with them all.  Not to mention the new symptom that hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday, which I like to call Fear of Hideous Child with Massive Forehead and Eyes of Death that Peer to the Depths of my Soul.  Now that I think about it, I always did have this thing where I worried about having an ugly baby… call me a horrible person, but deep down inside you have that fear too.  Don’t deny it! For some reason I was able to forget about it during the past several months, but after seeing mine and Justin’s possible offspring in a computer generated mash-up of our faces, I will continue to be absolutely terrified of my own child until she arrives and proves to me that she doesn’t want to murder me in my sleep.

Another thing… the whole “I will wear 4 inch heels until the day I give birth” thing was quite the happy & naive thought.  Oh Morgan, you are so silly.

I have always been peeved when people say they can’t wear heels because they hurt their feet.  Call the WAAAAmbulance.  They hurt us all… and that’s precisely how you know they’re fabulous. (Unless, of course you have a medical condition that prohibits you from wearing them.  In which case, don’t be angry with me… I’m referring to people who don’t have a good reason.  Unless you really do have another good reason… in which case, ignore me altogether.)

Well, last night I took a little tumble to the cement when my super high, yet super amazing wedges hit the edge of the sidewalk and knocked me off balance.  After freaking out for a good hour and finally realizing that I wasn’t going into premature labor, I tucked those dangerous little things safely in the back of my closet and vowed not to wear them again until it’s wiser for me to do so.  Which, in all honesty, will probably be tomorrow because I already have my outfit picked out that will match them perfectly because I am just so smart and practical like that.

18 thoughts on “29 Weeks

  1. I had a similar near fall that made my ankle hurt for days and haven’t worn heels since. I have been wearing “real” shoes sometimes though instead of just all flip flops.

    The other night even without fabulous shoes on I managed to trip on our area rug as I was getting up from the couch (to pee for the billionth time that night) and fall between the couch and the coffee table. I fell on my knees and kinda caught myself with my arms on the couch and the coffee table. My husband was so freaked out. The whole thing happened right in front of him. An hour after I’d nearly forgotten about it he was all, “You really scared me. Are you sure you’re OK?” He’s been so anxious this last couple weeks!

  2. Oh my gosh, Lisa! I’d be scared too! I bet you both are getting super anxious… it’s going to be any day now!

  3. My doc (please talk to yours before listening to anything I have to say) said I could move stuff, I just had to be extra careful. He said that because of the extra weight, your body is off balance so you are naturally clumsy. add another 10-20lb box to the front and you might be in for a disaster.

    I had to kick my fabulous heels about 28 weeks. Even though mine were super comfy boots (which was why I picked them). I missed them, but once I got to 38 weeks, I stopped caring what I looked like. Lack of sleep will do that to ya, though, lol.

  4. Ok….I think every one has that fear. Will I have an ugly baby, and if it’s ugly will I know it? It’s true we all have those fears. Just pray alot. It was so bad with Dawson, at the end I was in fact delusional. I could have sworn, due to a very very real dream that my son was going to come out with a 5 year old head, a fro and yes be 1/2 african american. Odd since my hubby is butt white. Yes it was so bad when Dawson was born I asked the Dr if he was white! So silly now…but not at the time. Special.

  5. I was wondering where these bathroom pics had gone too! ;) hehe.
    oh man, that must’ve been scary that fall!! Be careful lady, i dont wanna meet that little girlie till she’s good and ready :D
    I was seriously impressed with you when we all met up and you were wearing heels! Did i say anything to you? If not, you should know, i was like Daaayyyyem! Now that’s being dedicated to your classiness :P

  6. Shea: Your birth stories are the most hilarious of any that I’ve heard in my life. “LET ME TOUCH YOUR FACE!!” hahahahahaa. I’m glad I’m not alone in the fear of an ugly child thing though. VERY glad.

    @Jimaie: You’re so funny! I was dying that day in those shoes, by the way…. totally swollen by the time we left Teazer, haha.

  7. AAAAHAHAHAHAH…to your post, not your fall. But wedges are easier to make your ankles wobble than a heel.

    You look adorable as usual, and still tiny…when are you due? crimony!

  8. If it helps, I ran that baby thing and the kids it produced look *nothing* like my actual kids. LOL Good idea about waiting on the high heels. Also, I got a Ped Egg (2 actually LOL) for my Birthday and you’re so right, it’s wonderful!

  9. I can’t remember the last time I wore heels, partially due to cankles and partially because I like to sit on a crossed leg at my desk at work.

    Love the pic, btw. :)

  10. Yikes! I’m glad there was no harm done from your tumble… It might be time to hang up the heels… or tread very, very carefully. (I twisted my ankle yesterday because of my cute shoes… but I still love ’em!)

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